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Nor-Cal Kats Sonoma-Marin Backroads Cruise
17 Nor-Cal Kats answered the call to 'Get Ready to Cruise' as they gathered at Santa Rosa's Krispy Kreme for another great drive through the wine country. As drivers fueled on donuts and coffee for the fun day ahead (fog and clouds had us wondering whether it would be a top up or down day...), drivers and passengers alike checked out the latest mods on the resting Kats. John Davies’ new wheel spinners and hot looking ‘flame’ tires caught everyone’s eye, as did Craig Elder’s wild ‘Lambo’ doors with chrome hinges and all! (Would we expect anything BUT chrome on Craig’s ride??!!) Dan Mosier joined us with his hot 1995 Dodge Viper, complete with its 1019 hp powerplant and new custom hood/BBQ-grill (you just HAVE to see it!). Unfortunately, all of Dan’s mods have left him without side windows or roof so the rain-threatening clouds put him back in the home ‘pit stop’ after the Kats left Krispy Kreme. As the clouds cleared and blue sky broke through, the Kats ‘locked and loaded’ their Commemerative Cruisin’ CD’s and headed over Sonoma Mountain on a wild and twisting ride! As one Kat Kruiser remarked, “I’ve lived here for over 20 years and I NEVER knew THOSE roads were there!!” After we all came down for a landing in Sonoma Valley, the Kruisin’Kats rolled around Sonoma’s historic town plaza and pulled in side-by-side outside Sonoma Jack’s Cheese Factory for a driver- pit crew refueling stop and LOTS of questions from admiring onlookers. And who is THAT onlooker? Dan Mosier and Susie have rejoined the cruise with Susie’s Honda! (Susie reported that Dan looked SO sad about not getting to join the cruise with the Viper, that they decided to catch the cruise ‘in the other car’ and caught up with us in Sonoma! Dan: You have GOT to charge those clients more and get that Purple Prowler in your garage SOON!!!) Back on the road, the Kats et al enjoyed a high-cloud and beautiful morning cruising through the backroads and foothills around Sonoma, Petaluma, and the western fields of Sonoma County. Past the 1858 Washoe House (old stage route roadhouse), and through the quaint old towns of Valley Ford and Freestone, we prowled through the wooded entrance roads into Occidental for a noontime repast. Whether it was fog or a ground level cloud we were not sure, but some Kats were buttoned up ‘just in case’. The 1870’s Union Hotel Pasta and Pizza restaurant was the scene of a great group lunch of salad,soup, entrees, and ravioli-ravioli-ravioli! Leaving the quiet streets of Occidental for the winding reported-to-be-scenic route of Coleman Valley Road, we confirmed the early question: We WERE in the middle of a cloud and, as we crested the ridge for the ocean view...all we could see was MORE of the inside of that cloud! Dropping down to sea level at coastal Highway 1 (at least, we THINK it was sea level - we couldn’t see any sea from inside THAT cloud!), 81% of the group successfully turned left and headed south to Bodega Bay. (There WAS that other 19% that took a short jaunt NORTH but they rejoined us soon afterward because they missed us so much!) With low clouds and fog hugging the Sonoma and Marin coasts, we decided to trim the Marin leg from the cruise and headed back inland for sun, fun, and more cruisin’. On through Bodega Bay and Sebastopol, we rolled into a final refueling stop for final visits and good byes. As John ‘saluted’ us all with some FINE wheel spinning and squealn’ , the Cruisin’ CD’s were turned up ONE MORE TIME as the homeward bound Nor-Cal Kats hit the road...until NEXT TIME!
A Nor-Cal Kats Cruisin' Tradition: Gathering the Kats at Krispy Kreme!
Drivers prepare for the cruise...visiting...donuts...checking out the cars...donuts...fueling up...donuts!...gassing directions for the cruise...
Craig Elder has gone and done 'Lambo'ed' his ride!!!
Dan 'The Viper Man' Mosier brings out his newly re-modified 1019 hp RT/10...WITH new BBQ Grill Feature on the hood...!!!
On the road and cruisin'...
Kats gather on the Square in the Town of Sonoma...WITH a cheese and munchie break, of course!
Lunch stop at Union Hotel Pizza and Pasta Company in old logging town of Occidental...
A good time was had by all!
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