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NorCal - Jacques Littlefield Military Collection Tour
Dick Osgood found another adventure for our group. When you were younger playing army with your friends did you ever imagine that you would end up touring someone who has taken collecting to another level? This would be Jacques Littlefield and his Military Collection. Jacques has the distinction of having the largest private collection of Military Hardware in the world which includes 2 Scud Missles and over 230 tanks from just about every nation that built one. Jacques lives on a 500 acre ranch in Portola Valley and along with his military collection has a full equestrian facility with indoor area and a train museum. Hopefully another day we will get the opportunity to view his train collection.
Our Meeting place, Krispy Kreme in Mountain View
Our Lunch stop the Alpine Inn in Portola Valley
Our tour guide Mike as he explains this is only one of 3 known Panzer Type I Tanks in existence. The German crew tried crossing a river that they thought was frozen enough for the tank to pass but guess what, the tank broke through the ice and sank. The crew tried to destroy the tank and the most damage was the turret that flew off in several pieces. Jacque had a new turret fabricated to the exact specs by a company in Alameda, California. The turret is in front of Mike upside down. Mike has the history of every tank being restored and the tanks on display in the museum
Can you find the cat. It is over by Jane and was interested in what Mike was saying before we went into the museum
Wendell Chute & Shiley Roth
Some spare tank engines
Cut-out of a turret from a Sherman Tank. It is hard to imagine the tank had a crew of 3
A display of tank ammo
Some more ammo
More spare tank engines
and more....
German Motor Cycle with tracks
First Scud Missle
Portable Radar truck
Anti Aircraft guns
Rocket Launcher
Second Scud Missle
The cat wandering around with the tanks
The cat taking a break on one of the tanks
Time for the cat to go, the last time he was left in the museum for a week and was not very happy according to our tour guide Mike
One of the three propellers salvaged from the USS Lusitania
The Kat's waiting patiently for their owners
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