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Northern California Brunch and Cruise...
Mimi’s Café, Foster City, CA. Contributed by Phil and Jane Horvath
Gary Myers, Y’99 – Phil Horvath, P’99 – Bill Chiechi, S’00 – Jim Clayton, P’99 - Harry Sands. Y’99
From Right to Left: Harry Sands, Harry’s brother Stuart. Bill Chiechi, his wife Cheryl, Judy Myers, Jim Clayton and Marilyn
Right to Left: Cheryl and Bill Chiechi, Dan Pena, Gary Cleverly and Nita, Charlotte and Scott Curtis, and Stuart Sands.
Right to Left: Judy and Gary Myers, Cheryl and Bill Chiechi, Dan Pena, Gary Clervely, Scott Curtis, Harry Sands and his brother Stuart.
Taking a break: Jim Clayton, P’99 – Dan Pena, B’99 – Bill Chiechi, S’00 - Harry Sands, Y’99 - Scott Curtis, B’00 - Phil Horvath, P’99 - Gary Cleverly, B’99 Carlini - Gary Myers, Y’99
From the back: Gary Myers, Y’99 - Gary Cleverly, B’99 Carlini - Phil Horvath, P’99 - Scott Curtis, B’00 - Harry Sands, Y’99 – Bill Chiechi, S’00 - Dan Pena, B’99 - Jim Clayton, P’99
Gary Cleverly and his Black ’99 Carlini with Leopard flames
Bear keeping an eye out for his master
At the Pigeon Point Light House
Gary your parked the wrong way!
Looking at the Ocean from Pigeon Point
Another view of the Cat’s at Pigeon Point, hey, who’s taking a picture of Scott’s car?
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