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NorCal - Cops and Rodders
This was the 7th Annual Cops and Rodders Car Show along with the 75th Anniversary of the California Highway Patrol. As with the past years great cars and a GREAT driving exibition by the CHP Academy Instructors.
3 new BMW's being ridden by the motorcycle instructors
The start of the car portion of the show traveling around 70+ in front of the grandstands with the CHP copter right behind
The instructors having a good time doing high speed 360's
Start of a 360 going 60 MPH - notice the smoke on the right - can you guess what that car did?
The same car at the end of his 360
The cars smoking it up before heading in front of the grandstands
The Helecoptor saying good-bye
Gary by one of the CHP SWAT vehicles
Gary caught by the one of the Key Stone Cops
The 2003 Cops and Rodders winner automobile
Another CHP SWAT vehicles
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