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NorCal - Classic 50's Diner
John Davis had an idea to get Curtis Blockhus out of the house to get some Prowler driving time. John sent some emails and made a few phone calls, bingo, a Prowler event, where, where else the Classic 50's Diner. For an impromptu event 11 Prowlers were in the parking lot with there owners getting ready for a great breakfast and to see our friend Curtis Blockhus.
Shirley Phillips with Dave in the background
Charles Williams, Doug Crandell, Joe Macias, Jane Horvath, William Harris, & Joel
Charles Williams, Phil Horvath, John Davies, Dick Osgood, Dave & Shirley Phillips, and Scott Curtis
Jim Clayton, Joel, Charles Williams, William Harris, Phil & Jane Horvath, John Davies, Dick Osgood, Shirley & Dave Phillips, Joe Macias, Scott Curtis, & Doug Crandell
Charlotte Curtis, Jim Clayton, Phil Horvath, Scott Curtis, Jane Horvath, and Joe Macias
Shirley Phillips, John Davies, Dick Osgood, and Dave Phillips
Charles Williams, Doug Crandell, Joel, and William Harris
Joe Macia & Curtis Blockhus
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