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South Lake Tahoe, NV. (Cool September Days)
This was the 4th Annual Cool September Days Show, September 15th-19th located in the Horizon Casino Parking Lot. The Show officially opened to the Public at noon on the 18th and judging of vehicles took place from 12 noon to 4PM. Linda Johnson and Al Collins of Healdsburg, Ca. attended the 3rd Annual and were the first and only Prowler owners to show at that event. This year Scott Curtis of Los Altos, Ca. joined in. Well, hope we get a few more next year. It's a nice event. Cost was 55.00 per entry. They had two poker runs. Al won a 25.00 Gift certificate at the Gold Store and because Scott wanted to stay with the cars, Linda used Scott's entree and won a 75.00 meal at a nice restaurant on the lake. We enjoyed the meal before leaving for home. The event also had a cruise up around Emerald Bay on Lake Tahoe, some sort of drag race where engines were on, turned off and then the cars coasted down a hill. There were functions on Friday and Saterday nights in which participants could attend different night spots for some great partying. Packets included tickets worth 18.00 off for tee-shirts, jackets, hats, etc. I think everyone had great fun. The weather threw us a twist on Saturday the 18th and the first snow fall, with minor hail, flooding in Placerville, Ca. Hwy 50, 3 Inches of snow on Hwy 80, made us decide to spend an extra night in Tahoe. How terrible is that? Hope to see more of you there next year.

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  Dig this outrageous rig, check out the coffin which lowers into the truck when underway 
  Cool Graphics 
  The way this is painted in the right angle with the right light the ghosts come out. If you move slightly they disappear. 
  Cool Bike!! Oh, yes the vehicle too. 
  This was the most beautiful vehicle at the show. A Plymouth, please take note. Over $350,000. The owner out of kindness brought the car but did not enter the event, it was there for show only. 
  Scott Curtis, Los Altos, Ca, won the 2000 Stock retro rod division, 1st place. I knew we should not have asked him to come along. Linda's cat with her new hard top and all the things Scott helped her with would probably had won. Like I told Scott, he'd be a winner either way. 
  Stopping to put on our windshield wipers. Another Scott Curtis inovation which lets you run without them until needed. 
  Monday noon the 20th it was getting messy, but within 20 miles it cleared into a beautiful Sierra Day. 
  We stopped in Placerville at a carwash and spent about an hour removing the road grime. That's Scott down there saying "No biggy" 
  Here's Linda saying "Oh no, not again." "I'll never get it clean" 
  Check out the tail lights, Never saw anything like them 
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