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Beloit Auto Show
2004 Beloit Auto Show. Great weather, very nice show. 16? kats in all were at the show with 13 of us arriving as a group. Most of the pictures are were taken by Leo and Jesse. Thanks for providing them for my use.
Lined up at the show.
The Yellow is Ray's. Black Tie next to that is Jesse's. The Orange is Brian's.
On the way to the show, with 13 kats in a row.
Getting closer, The line on the left is the spectators waiting to turn in. Participants turned about a half mile down the road.
Finally making the turn in, still had about a half mile to go to get to the back of the fairgrounds.
Duane from Boyd Coddington's shop and the American Hot Rod show grew up in the Beloit area and was back signing autographs. He also gave out an award for his pick of the best hot rod.
Duanes award pick.
On the way to the back of the fairgrounds.
Nancy and Howard (Sunshine 77)
Nancy and Howard (Sunshine 77)
The Yellow is Ray's, the Black Tie next is Jesse's, the orange with the bra is Brian's, and the Black Tie w/ hood open is Dan's.
Anyone for a 57 Chevy?
Leo's red with Woodward trailer.
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