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SoCal POA Brunch & Cruise
Eats, Rods and No Drags In Southern California. Organized by Larry Lord - Pictures by Gary Cleverly
Here we all are, 15 Prowler Owners, a lot of new faces and a lot of new friends
Todd Bertrang, chumming with Laddies daughter Angelle.
Here we are at SoCal.
This is Dave Adams of Paxton. Three or four of us got to drive the supercharged Kat. Gary cant wait to get his.
New to the group Tim Garcia and Diana from Bakersfield, he had to hold her for the shot, she hates photos of herself.
Tim and David Sabel at SoCal Shop
SoCals very nice Prowler.
Paxton Car and Lord at Pomona Fairplex.
Larrys Birthday present to Gary C, aka Prowlerman!
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