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Mopars North of the Gate...At Infineon Raceway
The annual 'Mopars North of the Gate' car show and swap meet put on by the Wine Country Mopar club was held for the first time at the Infineon Raceway near Sonoma, California on August 21, 2004. This year's event included the car show and awards, vendor and member swap meet, raffles, great music, AND DRAG RACING! The drags were open to all and PLENTY of made-to-drag cars of all brands, sizes and descriptions tore up the track all day long. Some Mopar club members tried their rides out on the track (with one section of wall now decorated with 'Mopar Purple' from one car that 'lost'...(no injuries, fortunately)... Three Kats attended and two Vipers....Scott Curtis took a 1st place for 'Stock Prowler', Dick Osborne took a 1st for 'Modified Prowler', and the father and son owners of the Vipers each took 1st's, stock and modified... Bob Harder couldn't get both his '99 Red Kat and its new tow vehicle down to the event so he opted to bring the 'tow truck' took a 2nd place in the 2-wheel truck category after a beautifully restored 1953 Dodge truck... One PT Cruiser was very tricked out with a black and silver color theme...rear custom deck housed two main sound system speakers and a BIG nitrous bottle... Plenty of great Mopar Muscle Cars at the event, including Bob Elder's Black on Yellow 1970 Duster 340...
A Triplet of Kats at Infineon with PRIME seating to watch the dragsters roar!
Dick Osborne's Pearl Orange showcases some of the latest Scott Curtis 'jewelry' PLUS plenty of Dick's distinctive touches to a much loved Kat...
Scott Curtis with yet ANOTHER first place award (stock Kat...stock being VERY loosely interpretted!)
Bob Harder's 'Kat Tow' truck snatched a 2nd Place award... Any guesses as to the make/model of truck? (Show attendees NOT eligible to guess, Scott!)
Whether from the front....
...the rear....
...or in the 'boot' , this PT Cruiser takes 'mods' to a new level! (and gave ONE Kat owner some ideas....)
Bob Elder's 1970 Duster 340 took 1st place in the A-Body Plymouth class...the Mopar Muscle Cars are THE STARS at this great annual car show!
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