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NorCal - MOPAR Day in the Park XI
The 2004 Sacramento MOPARs Day in the Park XI is a low key car show and swap meet that becomes an enjoyable day in the park. Rather than our normal Prowler pictures today we decided to do reflections. And I think they came out great. Some cars reflect better than others as you will see. The people who attended the show today were Al & Linda Collins, Scott Curtis, Steve Dodds, Craig & Mary Elder, and Jane & Phil Horvath.

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  Steve Dodds Yellow reflected off Jane & Phil's Blue....  
  I tried the other side with a 2003 Red Viper but this wasn't nearly as good as Steve's Yellow. Maybe it was the angle?  
  Using Al and Linda's car as the reflection point it appears that Silver does not reflect as well as some of the other colors.  
  Here are the original mix before Craig and Mary arrived. Steve Dodds friends Viper, Jane & Phil's Blue, Steve's Yellow, Al & Linda's Silver, & Scott's Prowler show.  
  Craig & Mary Elders chromed Orange, you have to see it in person to see the quality and all the other modifications!  
  One of the more than 30 PT Cruises that joined the event. 
  Another angle of Craig & Mary's car with Scott's in the background.  
  Can you believe this is a reflection of Craig & Mary's car form Scott's car? We might have to ask him what kind if wax he uses?  
  Here is another view of Craig & Mary's car from Scott's Black.  
  On the other side of the street showing where we were parked.  
  This is Pappy's PT - He won First prize in the PT Cruiser division and had hydraulics and a fantastic stereo system. Pappy also builds and sells PT modifications. This was his latest creation.  
  The is the PT Eagle - Guess you can tell  
  The PT Eagle from the front of the car. What a paint job!!!  
  Another great paint job but featuring the 49'ers  
  Here it is again from the back  
  Here is a PT with FLAMES everywhere  
  And second place goes to ...... Scott Curtis Congratulations!!!!!! 
  And the winner is ..... Craig Elder and his chromed out Kat. Congratulations Craig & Mary !!!!!!  
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