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NorCal - El Dorado Back Roads Revisited
An Excalibur, 9 Prowlers, and 1 ACR Viper found there way to Black Angus for the start of an enjoyable morning cruise through the El Dorado back Hills, Apple Hill, and back to Black Angus for a late lunch. The roads and weather were great! We started out in Folsom, went through the town of El Dorado famous for Poor Red’s Bar & Restaurant who invented the Golden Cadillac drink and at one time Poor Red’s was the largest user of Galliano in North America. Leaving the town of El Dorado we headed into Placerville, the original name of the town was “Hang Town”. By 1854 the name of the town was changed for obvious reasons. Coming into Placerville it was time for a pit stop at the El Dorado Transit Bus Stop where Rich Sandvick got a chance to recharge his electric Prowler, that’s another story for another day. After Rich’s Prowler was recharged it was off to Apple Hill. The time to cruise this area is anytime before September because the apple harvest season begins in early September when dozens of independent growers open their farms to the public. The Apple Hill farms are located on a mountain ridge east of Placerville. Many farms feature arts and crafts, exhibits, fresh fruit, vegetables, and apple deserts for sale. Some farms remain open until Christmas. During the season these roads are crowded with cars. It’s a great place to come visit during the season. The crafts and baked goods are wonderful. Cruising through Apple Hill we made stops at the Jack Russell Brewery, English style Beer and great draft Root Beer and Ginger Ale, Lava Cap Winery and last but not least the Boeger Winery for some samples before heading back to Black Angus in Folsom for lunch. After a great Lunch we said our goodbye’s until the next time.
The meeting and eating place
Karen & Rich Sandvick’s - Purple, Muriel & Glen Denno’s - Silver, and Cheryl & Bill Chiechi’s Excalibur
Louise & Roy Olcott’s – Yellow and Lori & Kenny Podsta-Daniel – Red ACR Viper
To the far left are Jim Clayton’s Orange, and Jane & Phil Horvath’s Blue
To the right is Shirley & Dave Phillips Silver
Rich charging his all new electric purple 99 Kat
A different recharging plug
Kats in front on Jack Russell Brewery
Jack Russell Brewery Sign
Circled around the Lava Cap Winery
Rich & Karen Sandvick along with Glen Dennee & Diana
Louise & Roy Olcott
Dave & Shirley Phillips
Bill & Cheryl Chiechi
– Jim Clayton & Charlotte and Muriel Denno
Lee & Muriel Denno and Charlotte
Lori and Kenny Podsta-Daniel
Scott Curtis(AKA Obi-Wan) – Missing is Harry Sands
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