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Texas to Tulsa with Pics
Texas Prowlers to the 2007 Tulsarama
Prowlers ready to head out to Tulsa from our house
Stopping for lunch in Durant Oklahoma - the owners Chris and Rob (friends of our daughter) were thrilled to have us stop by
Arriving at the event 6/14
Marty Rebecca CJ and Bob at the Tulsarama just before they unveiled the 57
Outside at the car show - Prowler Row
California Kid
Marty and Rebecca's hot SSR
Larry and Debbie Bell arriving in Tangelo
Stone Cold Kevin Thompson arriving at the show
The Bells and Marty Usher with Boyd Coddington in the background on the golf cart
Boyd and his son at Boyd's Trailer
Kristian and Kylie with Duane from American Hot Rod
Twin of the 57 that was buried
Richard and Janet Raite's Prowler being shown with the twin of the 57 inside the convention center
57 Fury
One of my all time favorite cars - Willys
Here Come the Judge - Here Come the Judge
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