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How to install the REALROD FLAMEBALL shifter and stem.
Below are instructions as to how I installed the flameball shifter from The shifter can be picked out from Bob sends you the whole kit in one package with everything you need to complete the job. As of this time, he is even loaning out the tap needed....all you have to do is mail the tap back when done. It's easy to do if you take your time and don't rush. Haste makes waste...
It doesn't hurt to polish the stem with Mother's Billet polish. it will make the stem look like chrome.
1) Set emergency brake. 2) Put car in auto stick position. 3)Remove set screw from stock shifter. It's an allen wrench set screw.
1) Remove knob after removing set screw.
CAREFULLY pry bezel off.
Bezel has tabs at 4 locations.
With bezel off, disconnect the clip with the two wires coming off of it. Then remove bezel.
This shows the original wire position once bezel is removed.
This shows how you should re-route the wire so it goes to the other side. There's plenty of stock wire to pull to the other side, so don't worry.
NOW TO TAP THE HOLE WIDER to 8/32. TAKE YOUR TIME DOING THIS. It is very important to tap the hole at a perfect 90 degree angle so the new set screw goes in straight. 1) Take a 8/32 tap and widen the UPPER hole at the front of the stock shifter stem. 2) The stem is not thick so be careful! 3) Don't drive the tap in too far, as it will hit the inner plastic rod within the stem.
This is not necessary, but I took the opportunity to lube the shift linkage and shifter track since it was all exposed! I used lithium grease.
BEFORE DOING ANYTHING ELSE....SLIP THE NEW SHIFTER ASSY THROUGH THE BEZEL BEFORE CONNECTING WIRES!!! The wires have self-splicing connectors that just require a pinch with pliers. I wrapped both connection clips with electrical tape for good measure. 1) FLAMEBALL wire with the WHITE LINE connects to the BLUE bezel wire. 2) OTHER FLAMEBALL wire goes to the BLACK bezel wire.
here is the sub assy ready to go back in.... Zip Tie the remaining wires together and tuck it all in the left side of the console area under the bezel.
1) Set bezel in place...carefully snapping the clips back in. 2) Slide new shifter over the stock stem. 3) PUT LOCTITE on the new set screw! 4) CAREFULLY tighten the new wider set screw in through the new shifter stem slot and in the newly widened hole. Tighten it at a straight 90 degree angle. 5) DO NOT OVERTIGHTEN! ....ASSY NOTE: I found it easier to set the new screw while still in Autostick position...But DON'T EXPECT THE SET SCREW TO TIGHTEN THE STEM IN PLACE!!! THE FLAMEBBALL STEM MUST RIDE UP AND DOWN THE STOCK STEM FREELY RIDING ALONG THE SLOT THAT FACES FORWARD! THIS IS IMPORTANT TO REALIZE! So now instead of squeezing the stock knob to release from park, the new stem assy simply pushes down to release the parking lock. Run the shifter through the gears to get a feel of how it operates before tightening the set screw all the way. You'll then realize how tight it needs to be.
Once parking lights are on, your shifter knob will glow....the color depending on the knob you selected. I have the black knob with light pearl flames and it glows a cool blue. The stem and knob sit at the perfect height and I now have to remind myself to look up at the road instead of staring at this cool shifter. Many thanks to Bob Goetz for making this possible for the Prowler by fabricating this custom stem. ENJOY!
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