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Pigeon Forge 2004 Scrapbook
Pigeon Forge 2004! We had an awesome time. The big events with lots of cars are spectacular but there is never enough time to get to know anyone. It was a nice change of pace to have a small group and spend so much time together. We all had a blast.

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  Pat & Joan Caughhorn and Carol Silsby waiting for the trolley to ride to Gatlinburg. 
  Eddie & Jean Powell, Walt and Bill Stephens. Hurry up trolley it's cold out here! 
  Carol looking into the black hole. Whatever she sees must be good because she is smiling! 
  This is at the Aquarium. Jean Powell, Carol Silsby, Lucy Stephens and Joan Caughhorn.  
  Eddie Powell, Walt, Pat Caughhorn, Bill Stephens and Bob Silsby . What are we doing here? 
  SHARK!!! SHARK!!! 
  Anybody for BIG CRABS!!!!! 
  JAWS has nothing on us! 
  Carol chilling in the diving bell. I didn't say Southern bell! 
  Jean does that make you an Atlanta bell? 
  Jean, Joan and Pat. Whew, we need a rest! 
  Carol Silsby's arm in the water trying desperately to touch Mr. Stingray. Luckily you don't see a picture of her whole body in the water! 
  Eddie and Jean Powell in front of their Mulholland prowler. Did we spell it right? 
  Bob and Carol sportin the look! 
  Prowlers! Wow! 
  This is right before we started our run through Dragon's Tail. 
  Carol, Jean, Faye Albritton and Lucy. 
  This is Walt being Cool!!!!!!!! 
  Pat, Walt, Joan, Eddie, Jean, Lucy, Bill, Faye, Scott, Carol and Bob.  
  Pat and Walt at the Louise Mandrell Show. I know Joan is hiding behind Pat somewhere. 
  Freda Burt at Mel's Diner. Girl are you going to eat that whole thing?!!!!!!! 
  Ron Spaulding and Carol Silsby dueling it out at the go cart track. 
  Carol in the lead Freda and Steve dueling it out for second and Ron bringing up the rear! 
  Scott telling Bob that he's the next one on his hit list! 
  Bill chasing down Barb.  
  Freda in clean air. That cures the dreaded aero-push! 
  The Corvette guy Steve sandwiched between NiteMan and RebelBob.  
  Faye showing Ron some woman-driving skills! 
  Carol and Faye. You couldn't get past either of these two gals without trading some paint and gettin some bruises. And the sign said "NO Bumping". Right! 
  Scott with double trouble just ahead! 
  The gang just before the final laps of THREE WIDE! 
  hmmmmm.......I'm not gonna move.......I'm not even gonna blink....I'll just stand here on one leg and hope he swims away!  
  Sandy, Freda and Barb. They were wearing those smiles non-stop!  
  How about these two strange beings. We think we photographed two aliens. The one on the left we suspect is from Krypton and the one on the right we're not sure but definitely from another world! Actually Bill Stephens and Ed Monahan. 
  Carol's orange Prowler on a boat ramp taken from a scenic overlook up above. 
  Carol and Lucy under the tree of shame where parts of vehicles slain by the dragon are displayed. 
  Cat and Bird getting along fine after dueling with the Dragon. 
  Steve and Bill playing ping-pong. Steve won, but not easily! 
  Sometimes the camera freezes a moment that really makes you wonder. Was Bob really helping Carol? Was Carol on the way up or down? Was Ed thinking that this was the opportune time to snatch Carol's water? If you could hear this picture would there be a ripping sound? You'll just have to wonder! 
  Ed explaining to Steve why NiteMan is his favorite hero! 
  Freda getting ready to do a handstand on Steve's shoulder. Ran out of film once she got up there. You should have seen it! 
  Some of God's handiwork. Just beautiful! 
  The sign for the Bald River Falls. The river was named after Bill and Ed! 
  Oliver and Heiki on the left. Ed and Sandy on the right. 
  Bob and Carol on the left. This time Oliver and Heiki are on the right. 
  Bob and Carol. 
  Scott and Faye. 
  Ed climbed down the river bank to test the water temp. 
  Scott went down the river bank with Ed and then used an invisible rope to climb back up.  
  Scott and Faye Prowlin through Gatlinburg. 
  The last cruise through Pigeon Forge with Ed and Sandy leading the way. This was a great time. 
  Ron and Barb! 
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