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Kal's 2004 Hot Bras
Kal Smith ( has begun a new set of Custom painted bras for 2004. The 1st is a Stars & Stripes for a Candy Red Prowler for an owner John in VA. The 2nd bra belongs to Frank G. in NY it's tribal flames for his Orange Prowler. The 3rd bra belongs to Gary T. in GA it's a Kat taking a bite of something and fading into Tribal Flames for his Inca Gold Prowler.

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  Here's the view of the Stars & Stripes on the plug. This is for John R's (VA) Candy Red Prowler and looks sharpe. 
  Close up of the side view... 
  Over the top view. Belongs to a Prowler owner (John R.) from VA. Waiting on a picture of Custom Bra on the Candy Red Prowler... 
  Another Custom Bra by Kal for Frank G. from NY. This is a set of Tribal Flames for Frank's Orange Prowler. 
  Here's a view of the side from the back of the plug. 
  Here's a view from the front. Now, we'll have to wait until Frank sends a picture with the bra on his Orange Prowler. 
  One Kat with teeth... This is for Gary T's (GA) Inca Gold Prowler. Gary wanted something different in front fading into Tribal flames. The Bra is awesome... Here's a pics with bra on his Inca Gold ... 
  Full side view - pics don't do justice to awesome looking bra... Here's pic from Gary T. inside garage.  
  Closeup of side - the flash created a little too much light... 
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