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Mr & Mrs Cnote6's 2004 Prowlin The Seas
The 2004 Prowlin the Seas Cruise to the Western Caribbean on the Grand Princess. 9 Couples attended the event. Jay & Nancy Harris, Neal & Mary Ann Bardens, Roman & Jane Gregg, Gene & Jotie Cox family, John Schulz, Gary & Laury Keane, Jerry & Kim Wilson family, Jeff & Cheri Green, Chris & Christy Wade. We had such a great time!

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  The Grand Princess holds 2600 passengers and 1150 crew members. What a beautiful ship. 
  Mrs Cnote6 & Cnote6 in Ft Lauderdale before set sailing 
  Mrs Cnote6 , Dr Prowler, Jeff (friend of Dr Prowler), Meancat & his son meeting up for the first time. 
  Meancat, MeanGene, Cnote6, Dr Prowler, Mrs Meancat, GPS John, Neal & Mary Ann Bardens arriving on the ship 
  MeanGene, Dr Prowler, Jeff Green & Cnote6 one of many many nights in the casino  
  Mrs Cnote6, GPS John & Dr Prowler enjoying some Pina Coladas on Princess Cay island.  
  The ship from Princess Cays 
  Sunset from our balcony room 
  A pool table on the ceiling in a bar on the ship 
  Mrs Cnote6, Roman & Jane Gregg at dinner 
  GPS John, Mary Ann & Neal Bardens, Dixie Cat, Yeller Cat, MeanCat, Kim Wilson (Mrs Meancat), Laury Keane.  
  Presit from Thailand.. he was our favorite waiter 
  Us in the Skywalker Nightclub that suspended from the back of the ship 
  The water is so blue 
  Formal evening 
  Yeller Cat (Jay Harris).. what a great job organizing this, thanks so much! 
  Christy & I at one of the formal nights 
  Taking a boat to Grand Cayman 
  Side view of the ship 
  Front view of the ship 
  A pirate ship at Grand Cayman 
  What the dickens is Roman doing, how is he driving like that?? 
  Waiting for the scuba guy to pick us up.. helps to be on the right pier 
  Scuba diving at Sting Ray City in Grand Cayman 
  Leaving Grand Cayman.. man what a great time 
  Prowler group meeting up 
  Got my bar card filled up by visiting all 18 bars on this ship and got my free t shirt  
  About 1:30 in the morning.. can't seem to stay away POA for very long 
  At night the front of the ship had some major wind gusts going on 
  Great looking bunch of guys there 
  Passing Jay & Nancy Harris to Costa Maya 
  Welcome to Costa Maya 
  Let's don't and say we did.. LOL 
  This parrot was just sitting on a perch and would walk right onto your hand 
  Enjoying a cocktail 
  Texas, here comes Dr Prowler in June.. watch out 
  What are we thinking??? 
  Its amazing how close these ships get too each other 
  Mayan Ruins 
  Christy & Jane 
  GPS John & Jeff Green 
  One of the many pools on the ship 
  Solid silver Prowler Cat, it was around $6k 
  Ther best invention yet, eh.. beer bottle holders 
  One of the many statues in Cozumel of Fidel Castro 
  Nice thongs! 
  Another pool 
  John brought his Prowler Cognac and shared it with everyone 
  Benjamin a favorite bar waiter 
  2nd formal night 
  Christy helping out with the champagne  
  Jane helping too 
  Saturday, last full day, sat back and drank Dos Equis all day 
  Inside cabin with only the light from the flash of the camera.. we obviously had too many Dos Equis at that point. 
  Last night on the cruise at dinner 
  MeanGene & his wife, Jotie 
  What a great group of Prowler Owners 
  Great looking group of Prowler Owner wives 
  The ship was huge, wing on the back is the club. 
  Us with our favorite wine, Caymus, we were so excited that is was on the ship menu. What a great time we had!! 
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