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Houston Trip to RSI part 1
We were off to RSI to have a Paxton Super Charger on my Prowler.
Houston trip ready to go.
Prowler loaded in Leon K. trailer
5 hours later we made it to RSI
RSI trailer rig!! WOW!!
My friend Jerrys H2 with 24" wheels
5 vipers were out front
Just walked in.
very nice.
a window into the garage.
GaryC's silver in the middle
Gary were is your motor?
Front of GaryC's car
Here is you motor!!
Twin Turbo 1000hp viper that was very nice.
I was told this car has $70k in Mods
Mike,Jerry, Don (Kozican) and Cnote6
Saw a lot of State Troopers
A rig was stuck in the ditch. He tried to cut through the grass to miss the traffic. 3 State Troopers were not happy!!
Back of RSI
This Corvette and viper was on the show room floor with a Chevy SSR.
This is a picture of a picture on the wall at RSI. Do you know anyone in this picture?
Just added my Carlini Grill
My friend Jerrys shop with his Vette and Boat.
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