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Bob's Big Surprise!!! by CJ
This is a story in pictures of the big surprise that we pulled on Bob (RPL) when we presented him with his 1969 AMC Hurst SC/Rambler (the RUMBLER) that he didn't even know was finished. I'd like to thank Norm Brandes (engine builder), Kevin Oefte (V8-TV Productions), my son Paul and his family, David Curis (previous owner of the Rambler), Jerry Scholten, Dave Perrine (both of DaimlerChrysler) and everyone else that participated in this surprise celebration!!

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  Bob's "RUMBLER"........a 1969 AMC Hurst SC/Rambler.....also known as a Rambler Scrambler! 
  Bob Woodhouse was generous enough to transport the "Rumbler" from Wisconsin (where it had it's engine build-up) back to Michigan to surprise Bob!! Many, many thanks to them... 
  Loaded on the rig and headed for DaimlerChrysler Headquarters to surprise it's owner.....Bob Longstreth. He was not aware that the car was finished and on its way home!  
  Bob thought that he and the rest of his co-workers were going to be seeing a "trick" Viper that Woodhouse built. Little did he know!!  
  On cue, the previous owner of the car, David Curis (a long-time friend of mine) started up the beast (with me in the car) and backed it out of the trailer, much to Bob's surpise!!! One of the few times we got him speechless!!!  
  Do you think he looks happy to finally see the "Rumbler" after almost two years of work???  
  Me? This wasn't my idea! LOL! From left to right: Glenn Longstreth (our grandson), Angie & Paul Longstreth (our daughter-in-law and son), Norm Brandes (engine builder), Bob and Kevin Oefte of V8-TV Productions. 
  David Curis was the previous owner of the SC/Rambler. He always said that he wanted to be there when Bob got the car back, so we let him be the first to start up the engine and back it out of the trailer. I know he was wishing it was still his!!!  
  All Bob could say was that he was "stunned" that everyone was able to surprise him and his co-workers were thrilled to have a chance to "get him" for a too!!! L to R: Steve McCaffrey, Ed McCaffrey, Bob and Bill Derringer (he has a cool AMX). 
  Is this awesome or what???  
  The motor is awesome. The 400 cid engine produces 541 hp at 6250 rpm and 515 lb-ft of torque at 5000 rpm on 93 octane pump gas. It sounds and feels just like a Funny Car!!  
  David (the previous owner) congratulates Bob on the "Rumbler"!  
  Dave Perrine, David Curis, Bob, Norm Brandes, Joe Trotta and Bill Derringer listen as they start up the motor again.  
  Norm telling Bob that none of this was his idea.........NOT!!  
  Bob and CJ ready to take the first ride.......and what a ride it was!!  
  Kevin Oefte of V8-TV Productions congratulating Bob. He was a big part of setting up the surprise. He plans to air the footage he took on one of his upcoming tv shows.  
  Back view of the "Rumbler"  
  Side view of the "Rumbler"  
  CJ and Bob  
  Bob's first drive!  
  Whoooeeeee!!! Actually, there was so much engine vibration, that it lost the heater hose after the clamps came off and that was what was smokin!!  
  Kevin Oefte of V8-TV Productions interviewing Bob. He plans to use the footage on one of his upcoming tv shows.  
  The engine that makes the Rumbler rumble!!!  
  +.040 in 390 AMC V8  
  Another engine view 
  View of the original interior  
  Bob and the Rumbler at DaimlerChrysler Headquarters  
  Driving home in a downpour!!!  
  Home at last!!  
  Waitin' for Spring and Woodward Dream Cruise  
  Marty Usher, one of our great Prowler friends, had this board made for Bob using one of the photos taken of Bob's Rumbler at the old AMC Proving Grounds in Kenosha, WI. He had it transposed onto the cover of the Hot Rod Magazine issue (March, 2004) that contained the article on the Rumbler's engine build-up. They did a super job and Bob didn't even realize it was a picture of his car at first. All the people at Norm's shop signed the board. We are going to have it framed, and Bob will treasure it forever. He plans on hanging it in his office at work! Marty..........thank you, thank you, thank you!!!  
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