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Remote Oil Filter
Unless Paxton has changed, most installs block the oil filter from easy access. Causing the need to remove the oil discharge line from into the pan, plus the boost pipe needs to be moved out the way. I got way tired of this, so Obi-Wan and I came up with this remote location for the filter, works pretty good.

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  First we had to come with a new location for the filter. Obi-Wan fabricated a nice saddle that bolts on behind the jack stand cushion on the drivers side. 
  This is the adapter that bolts on to the original filter location. 
  This the remote adapter mounted. Now you can see how the mount is located behind the jack stand cushion. Filter fits really nice and easy to get to. 
  Attach hoses, note the original Paxton oil drin line going back into the crankcase that caused a headach to remove the filter in stock location. 
  And the filter. 
  Different angle 
  Going to run like this for awhile, then find a good place for this oil cooler. Trying all I can to cool this hot sucker down. 
  While doing this, we also replaced the large power steering reservoir supplied by Paxton with the stock one to try to get more air flowing through the radiator tunnel. Would like to find a place behind the radiator in the future, but this cuts the size in half.  
  Had to cut away at the stock mount to get a nice package. 
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