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Detroit Autorama 2004 with CJ
Bob and I attended the 2004 Detroit Autorama at Cobo Hall in Detroit. There were a lot of beautiful cars, especially the Ridler Award contenders. Visited with a lot of old friends and spent the evening doing a lot of walking!!! Hope you enjoy the photos.

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  Prowler with a small block Chevy V8 and C5 transaxle. 
  Storyboard on the custom Prowler 
  Under the hood - 500/HP, 600 ft/lbs. torque  
  Custom interior  
  Sidepipes and custom wheels  
  Closer view of the engine compartment 
  Production Rumble Bee from Dodge!  
  Super Bee  
  An original 426 HEMI display engine 
  Paul LeMat from American Graffiti signing autographs  
  440 Cuda 
  This was my favorite car in the show. It is out of Arizona with a stunning paint job. The base color was copper with overlays to make it reminiscent of the earth tones found in the desert. Spectacular!!! Also has a Viper engine for power!  
  The color was called "Blush"  
  This car was one of the Ridler Award contenders 
  Powered by a Viper engine! 
  Bob and Blackie Gegeian - promotor for the Fresno Autorama 
  One of Blackie's cars  
  More of Blackie's cars  
  Two-tone Nova  
  55 Chevy 
  Interesting flames  
  Flames around the sidepipes  
  Keith Crain's car  
  The "Foxy Lady" 
  It's called SHAZAM!!  
  The Ridler Winner! 
  Another Ridler contender 
  Bob and our old friend George Barris!  
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