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Tech Session at StoneRidge CPJ
Here are pictures from the Tech Session at StoneRidge CPJ on 8/19/2000. Contributed by Phil Horvath.
Northern Californias second Technical Session
Jim Hergerts Y-00, Jim Claytons P-99, John Boswell B-00
Harry Sands Y-99, John Davies S-00, and Phil Horvaths P-99
In the Conference room left to right - Dan Pena, John Davies, Bill Chiechi, and Jane Horvath
Left to right - John Boswell, Jim Hergert, Jim Hergerts son-in-law, and Jim Clayton
Left to right - Ed Hanks (Prowler Technician), Wayne Meranda (Service department foreman), Jim Hergerts son, Dan Pena, and John Davies
John Boswell in by his B-00
Under Jim Claytons P-99 looking for dirt
Another View
Dan Pena explaining his Stereo upgrade proposal
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