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NorCal - RPM - Go-Kart Racing
10 adventurous members decided to suit up and have some fun. Bob Page, John Davies, and Gabe Zapata were the overall winners for this day. There are 2 other indoor Go-Kart racing places in the Bay Area so this we will be doing this again. (no competion here!) These Karts get to over 40 MPH on the short straight aways! If you haven't tried indoor Go-Karting you should it is alot of fun and hard work attempting to pass on the course. After 2 qualifing rounds and the 30 lap final in less than 2 hours I was exausted.
Here we are checking our gear.
The group getting ready to head to the Karts; Jim Clayton, Al Collins, Scott Curtis, John Davies, Phil Horvath, Todd Horvath, Linda Johnson, Gary Myers, Bob Page, & Gabe Zapata.
Getting seated in the Karts.
Final Checks!
We're Off!
Whooooooooooooo is that speed or the Photographer?
The scoreboard.
And the Winners are; Bob Page John Davies, and Gabe Zapata!
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