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Visiting a DC Concept Vehicle Storage Facility with CJ
While my son was in town visiting on leave, my husband Bob arranged with the MSX facility to give my son a tour of the facility. We saw a lot of interesting vehicles, but the highlight of the tour was getting up close and personal with a great number of the Chrysler concept vehicles of the past. Below are some photos of our favorites. I didn't take photos of everything we saw, but some of the others that were there included: Chrysler: Citadel, LHX, Panel Cruiser. Dodge: MAXX Cab, Power Wagon. Jeep: Commander, Icon. Plymouth: Back Pack, Expresso, Pronto Cruiser, Pronto Spyder

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  The 2000 Howler 
  Black Howler Concept vehicle 
  The 1998 Chrysler Chronos concept car 
  My personal favorite........the Chrysler Chronos!! 
  The 1995 Chrysler Atlantic concept car 
  The Chrysler Atlantic 
  The 1995 Chrysler Atlantic and the 1997 Chrysler Phaeton 
  The 1997 Chrysler Phaeton 
  Interior of the Chrysler Phaeton. There is a glass partition between the front and back seats with a set of gauges (speedomoter) mounted in the back of the front seat.  
  Wheels on the Chrysler Phaeton 
  The 2000 Chrysler 300 Hemi C 
  A 2002 Silver Chrysler Prowler 
  The 1997 Dodge Copperhead concept car 
  The 1997 Dodge Sidewinder concept car 
  The 1999 Dodge Charger R/T concept car 
  The 2002 Dodge Razor concept car 
  The 1993 Chrysler Thunderbolt concept car 
  Chrysler Thunderbolt 
  Hood badge for the Chrysler Thunderbolt concept car 
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