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Deans Cafe
Here are pictures from Deans Cafe&, Pleasanton CA on 8/13/2000. Contributed by Phil Horvath.
Getting ready to leave Dean&
Left to right, Loren Fitzgerald, Johnny Wallin, Dan Pena, Jim Clayton, and Benjamin Aronson
A view of the whole crew: Loren Fitzgerald P-99, Johnny Wallin B-99, Dan Pena B-99, Phil Horvath P-99, Harry Sands Y-99, Jim Clayton P-99 (can&Aronson Y-99.
John Davies S-00, John Jacobson Y-99, Jim Clayton P-99, Harry Sands Y-99, Phil Horvath P-99, Dan Pena B-99, and Johnny Wallin B-99.
Taking a rest from the Cruise after breakfast at a park.
And a view from the back.
Lined up over looking San Jose.
Another view to San Jose
Lined up at the Mall working on Dans Paxton supercharger.
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