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Crusin The Coast 2000 Day 5
Sunday Oct. 8, 2000. It was a chilly morning (some said cold). From thepics, it looks like we were freezing. The actual temp was 51 with strongwinds (remember this is the south & we were cold)… The crowds startedgathering just before 8:00 am for the early bird drawing. Dennis Gagefrom “My Classic Car” was the MC.Dennis passed out $15,000 in $500 cash drawings. 30 winners and none inour Prowler or PT group won. The Top 100 winners from the Whitley’sdrive through car show were announced (Bobbie & Stephanie were one ofthe Top 100 winners with their 37 yellow coupe) along with the dragracing winners. The top ET was 8.05 & 164 MPH. However, we did have onebig winner (Poker Run)…David Reeves (Red Prowler from AL) won $2,000 with best hand (RoyalFlush) in the Poker Run. Congratulations Dave…We all said our goodbye and headed back to our homes… It was a fantastictime… The time just flew and everything is like a blurrrrr and my headis swirling…. We really enjoyed seeing all our old friends and all thenew friendships with a group of great people we met at Cruisin the Coast2000…I pre-registered Sunday morning for 2001 Cruisin the Coast (Oct 3 to 7,2001)… See you next year…Here’s a few pics …
Kay & David Reeves (David in middle) & Phil Genet. David won $2,000 Poker run with Royal Flush
Cruisin in for cash drawings
Gulfport Rice Pavillion
Rice Pavillion
Dennis Gage “My Classic Car” MC & Host on Sunday morning
Our little group “Chillin on the Coast”
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