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Woodward 2000 - CJ's Pictures
Harold Sullivan and the Silver Bullet and Silver Bullet II
Silver Bullet & Silver Bullet II
The Silver Bullet - Car that made Woodward famous!
Group arriving at Harold's
The Orange Sparkle was hungry too......lunch at Michelle's
Leaving Michelle's Restaurant to cruise to Harold's place
Black Tie Edition waiting for a home!
Cars on Woodward
CJ's Prowler & a 1958 Ford Sunliner
But Officer, it wasn't me doing those donuts, it was Nyle Wing!"
Whew! That was a close one, Carol!
Prowler Line-up
More Prowlers
Linda Schultz.....I think we wore her out!!?
Prowlers at Bo's
Prowler Alley
Prowler heaven
Prowler Town
Lining up for the Parade
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