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DFW, POA Group at TMS
The DFW, POA gang got together at Texas Motor Speedway to support speedyway children&s charities once again. There were 22 Prowlers in all. We started with lunch, then a parade and then the awesome Texas Motor Speedway event.
Unloading the Hennessey truck
Backing up the real Black Tie 003, with a lucky 13 miles on the odometer
Gary cleans up the brake dust from the wheels (OK, Mike does not have ceramic pads)
The parking lot of the lunchen stop, Prowlers and Vipers
Gary Cleverley discusses the proper procedure for making donuts in a parking lot .........
Mike tries to decide which car he should up the insurance on. Easy bet, Gary is driving the Woodward!
Erika, this is really your fault, we had to come back to get your car!
Pre-staging for parade in Frisco
Ready, and staged for parade
Even the Bush / Cheney Prowler was there and nobody called anyone an ass&*^$
Halloween in September
Oops, don't tell any of our wives we were there
All cars fixed and ready to roll
When in the hell are we going to take the group picture?
Heck with the group photos, I'm going racing!
Group Photo
It's too late for group photos, the sun has gone down
On the track, don't look back!
OK Gary, pass me the pace cars are closing in quick!
One last shot
The End
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