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Northern California - Marshall Mathews Private Collection
Here we are meeting again at Krispy Kreme. This was the start of today's event to Marshall Mathews home to see his exquisite automobile collection. We want to thank Dick Osgood for setting this up and especially Marshall and his wife for allowing us to intrude on their Sunday morning.
Here is the Group Picture of the people and the 21 Prowlers that attended the event.
Here are the cars without most of the people.
Maurice Liang was our Krispy Kreme photographer.
One of perhaps a dozen Pierce Arrow Automobiles in perfect condition.
A very rare 300SL convertable!
1902 Packard that was in the 1000 mile endurance race in Europe that Mr. Mathews participated and finished twice.
Another Peirce Arrow. You had to see them in person to get the full appreciation of these vehicles.
Instrumentation on the Pierce Arrow.
The Gibson Special!
Not a Pierce Arrow but another beautiful automobile.
Thor Motorcycle
Indian Motorcycle
1923 Bugatti Race Car
Another famous Race car
A very fast boat even in today's standards.
Another Pierce Arrow in excellent condition.
An Early 60's Ferrari!
An impressive engine
Looking at the instrumentation of the Miss Daytona Race Boat.
Something to look for?
Our gracious hosts Mr. & Mrs. Marshall Mathews. We thank you for letting us spend our Sunday morning with you.
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