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Northern California - Prowlin' the Redwood Empire
What a Great Weekend driving under the Giant Redwood Trees. A couple of new people joined us, Betty & Richard Baker for Oregon and Bob Hacker from Illinois. In all we had 14 Prowlers and 2 other vehicles for the weekend adventure. The weather was great the roads were great except for parts of the Lost Coast Highway but the trees make you very humble. We'll have to do this again.
Jane Horvath by the Chandler Drive thru Tree
Jane in the Shrine Drive Thru Tree
The Shrine Drive thru Tree
Now, those are real tree houses!
Root Structure of the Redwoods
Is that what Big Foot looks like?
Cars resting as we go walking around the Shrine Drive thru Tree and those fantastic looking Tree Houses
Taking a break at the Avenue of the Giants Visitors Center
Would you believe this was carved out of one log?
This is the back of the Log Truck. You really have to see it to believe it.
There is our Scott taking a look what very early 20'th century had to offer and I'm sure seeing what could be changed to make it better
Here we are at our lunch stop, the Eternal Tree House Cafe'
This was our Hotel in Fortuna. Great rooms, great prices, and great breakfast available.......but we went to the Somoa House which had a greater breakfast
Here is part of the Group at the Somoa Cookhouse
Here is another view from the far end of the table
Harry & Tanya Sands and John Davies & Patti Cardwell
The outside of the Somoa Cookhouse Restaurant. If you get to Eureka you must come here for either breakfast, lunch, or dinner
After our hearty breakfast, a group picture before starting our Cruise
The Carson Mansion in Eureka
The Gingerbread House in Ferndale, a 5-Star rated Bed & Breakfast
One of the many Churches in Ferndale
Miniture Victorian House in Ferndale
Flying Saucer in the Kentic Museum in Ferndale. This is a 23 mile race on land, sand, and water using the same vehicle
The Three Masked Men
Taking a break and enjoying the view on the Lost Coast Highway
John Davies Silver Bullet amounf the Giant Redwoods, the trees were 200-300 fet high and make you feel very humble and amazed
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