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Northern California - Brunch and Cruise
Gary and Judy hosted another great event begining at Krispy Kreme in Mountain View. Maurice Liang happened to know the manager of the store and set aside parking for the 17 Prowlers that attended.
Group arriving at Krispy Kremem in Mountain View, CA.
Getting ready to cruise.
Judy Myers heading to Gary's Car lo leave on the cruise
Marshall Mathews 1909 Packard, one of the cars in his collection
another view
After a great cruise we needed to stop for lunch
Dan Pena, Bob Curry, Jim Clayton, and Scott Curtis
Steve Dodds and a friend
Dominic & Eleanor Antonelli are the owner of the great flamed Black Prowler
Tom Gift by Eleanor Antonelli all first time attendees
Benjamin & Kathy Aronson, first cruise in a while
Gary Myers with Benjamin & Kathy
Nat Thomas and Shirley & Dave Phillips
Back at the cars at the end of another great event with several new people. Welcome, and come back soon
The group out front of Krispy Kreme
Maurice Liang taking the original photo atop the Krispy Kreme delivery truck.
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