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Cruisin' The Coast with CJ
This was our first trip to the Mississippi/Louisiana area and our first Cruisin’ the Coast event. Many thanks to Laddie Roussell for organizing and executing this event. It was great to see a lot of our “old” friends and it was great to meet a lot of “new” friends. It’s always fun to finally be able to put a face to a name from the board. We only had one day of rain (in spite of the bad forecasts), but it did not put a damper on things. The hotel was really nice and it was non-stop activity. The Van Dells singing group was terrific and their drummer was one of the most awesome drummers I’ve seen. There was a lot of great cruisin’, entertainment and fantastic cars. We had a wonderful time with the Prowler owners and there were a lot of laughs!! One of the highlights of the event was the Prowler Drags that was held at the No Problem Raceway in Louisiana. It was my first chance at taking my cat down the 1/4 mile and it was a total blast. Hope you enjoy the pictures as much as we enjoyed the event. If you missed it this year..........plan on being there next year!!!

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  Arriving at the Casino Magic Hotel for Cruisin' the Coast. Frank and Diane Tipton, Jay and Nancy Harris, Bob Longstreth 
  Frank Tipton, Jay Harris, Laddie Roussell  
  More arrivals  
  Registration and car show 
  Car show  
  Car show 
  Prowler representation!  
  Prowlers at the car show  
  More Cats!  
  Ed Monahan, Nancy Harris, Nancy Ridge, Rebecca Usher, Dave Ridge, Phil & Patti Genet  
  Purple Cat - Owners: Gary and Jean Marie Scheithauer  
  CJ's Candy Cat at the car show  
  Ed Monahan, Laddie Roussell, Nancy Ridge and Rebecca Usher  
  Dave Ridge, Rebecca Usher, Nancy Ridge, Ed Monahan & Laddie Roussell  
  CJ's Candy Cat at the car show  
  Lining up for the opening parade for Cruisin' the Coast  
  Jean Marie Scheithauer, Brandi, Rebecca Usher, Nancy Harris, Diane and Frank Tipton  
  Another car show on the coast 
  Frank & Diane Tipton, Carol Carter, Nancy Harris, Dave & Nancy Ridge, Sally Casey, Rebecca Usher, Ken Carter, Karen Roussell and Bob Longstreth  
  Eye Candy!!!  
  Jesse and Salley Casey's Prowlers - a hit with everyone!!  
  Clockwise from top: Sandy, Ed Monahan, Laddie & Karen Roussel, Rebecca Usher, Darlene Guichet  
  The Ushers and the Roussells  
  Clockwise from the left: Jay Harris, Frank & Diane Tipton, Rex & Vickie, Dave Ridge & Nancy Harris 
  Clockwise from the left: Vicki & Rex, Kendra Warren, Tracy, Frank Ramos, Dave Ridge, Nancy Harris  
  Clockwise from left: Tracy, Gary & Jean Marie Scheithauer, Frank Ramos, Nancy & Dave Ridge, Jay (Hair)is! 
  Lined up for the tech check  
  Marty Usher and CJ  
  CJ's Candy Red wait for its tech check  
  CJ waiting for the tech check 
  CJ waiting to get on the track. In the background: Linda Ware, Karen Roussell and Rich Ware 
  #33 - CJ Longstreth - Waiting for her very first pass down the track  
  Getting instructions  
  Taking a run on the road course  
  From the left: Dave Ridge, Laddie Roussell, Tami Fischer, Rex, Bob Goetz, Karen Roussell, Kendra Warren, Marty Usher, Jay Harris, Rich Ware, Frank Tipton and Pat (the track owner)  
  From the left: Ken & Tami Fischer, Dave Ridge, JP, Bob Goetz, Kendra, Marty Usher, Rich Ware, Jay Harris & Frank Tipton  
  Bracket racing: CJ's dial-up time 
  CJ waiting for her turn on the track  
  Suites at the track  
  Waiting to run!  
  CJ waiting for her turn  
  Getting anxious to race!!  
  Kendra Warren waiting to make a "big splash"!  
  CJ making a pass down the track!  
  Waiting to make another pass  
  Making a pass in the right lane!  
  CJ and Rich Ware 
  Dinner at the hotel in Gonzales after a great day of racing: From left: Marty Usher, Rich & Linda Ware, Gordon & Annie Karns, Karen & Laddie Roussell  
  From left: Marty Usher, Rich Ware, Ed Monahan, Sandy, Bob Goetz, Gordon & Annie Karns, Karen & Laddie Roussell  
  From left: Marty & Rebecca Usher, Rich & Linda Ware, Ed Monahan & Sandy, Bob Goetz, Ken Fischer  
  At the Casino Magic parking lot getting ready to go cruisin'  
  Let's go cruisin' on the Coast! 
  CJ's Candy Cat  
  Painted Candy Red bumpers!  
  Candy Red front bumpers and chrome grille!  
  Another car show!  
  Lots of cool cats!  
  Lots of admirers  
  Laddie's cat and lots more  
  Marty Usher and his matching cat!  
  A good sport!  
  He broke his cat!  
  Prowler Row! 
  Laddie Roussell being interviewd by local TV station  
  Interview before the parade of Prowlers!  
  Cruisin' the Coast  
  Pit stop!  
  Snack break!  
  Arrived back home  
  Candy Cat home again after a great Prowler event!  
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