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Stow, MA
18 Prowlers from all over New England turned out for a tour of the Collings Foundations Auto & Aviation museum in Stow, MA. Museum has over 70 autos in there collection including collection of midget, sprint and indy cars, Al Capone's Cadillac and more. Not to mention several aircraft. Log on to for more info.

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  18 Prowlers attended the Event 
  View from Inside the Collings Foundation Hanger looking out onto the 18 Prowlers 
  Gathering area at Hebert Candies 
  All the Prowlers lines up on the Air Field. 
  Replica of the "Fin Fiz". First plane to fly from coast to coast. 
  Replica Red Barron 
  View from the top of the Hanger at the Collings Foundation 
  They fit a V8 in this Purple midget car 
  1911 Electric Car 
  Stanley Steamer car. Powered by steam 
  1920's Rolls Royce 
  Al Capone's 1940 Cadillac 
  Prowlers leaving the Collings Foundation 
  Prowlers cruisen along Boon Lake 
  Hot Air Balloon with the Prowlers 
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