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Prowlin' The Rockies 2002 by CJ Longstreth
Bob and I headed to Colorado early to spend time visiting family and friends and to help finish the last minute preparations for the Prowlin’ the Rockies event. I always love coming back to Colorado......for me it is like returning home. As far as I’m concerned, there was no more beautiful place than here to hold a Prowler event. The blue skies, the mountains and the outstanding scenery was just an added bonus to be able to drive the Prowler on those great mountain roads!!! Thursday was the kick-off, registration/arrival day for the Prowler owners. The host hotel was in Westminster, CO and was the perfect starting point for all of our activities. There was a reception in the evening, which gave everyone the opportunity to greet old friends and meet new ones. Friday, was my day to play hostess. We started in Westminster and cruised up I-70 to Buffalo Herd Overlook. There, we re-grouped to make sure everyone was together before cruising up the canyon on our way to Grand Lake, CO for a picnic lunch. On the way up, we stop at the top of Berthoud Pass for a restroom break and pictures. Back on the road, we cruised up the back side of Rocky Mountain National Park. The scenery was spectacular and the weather couldn’t have been better. We stopped in Grand Lake, CO. Some friends of mine, Brian and Deann Buchanen had arranged a picnic lunch in the town park pavilion. The lunch was great and no one walked away hungry. Had time to gas up and do a little shopping in town. From there, we continued up the canyon to the top of Trail Ridge Road. We stopped at the summit for shopping, hiking and picture taking! The view is most spectacular, especially with all those Prowlers in the pictures!! As usual, we caused a stir everywhere we went. Time to cruise down Trail Ridge Road into Rocky Mountain National Park. Several people were a little nervous driving their cats on the road, especially where there were no guard rails. The views are outstanding and everyone made it down safely. We cruised through the park to the town of Estes Park. After doing a parade lap through the middle of town, we parked in town and I turned everyone loose to shop, sightsee and find dinner. Everyone had maps and instructions to meet at the mountain home of our friends Dwayne and Carol Herman (parents of Brian and Deann) for a pie and ice cream dessert party. Dwayne and Carol were most gracious opening up their home to the Prowler owners and I think everyone enjoyed not only the dessert, but touring the Herman ranch and taking pictures of all those cats in the driveway! Afterwards, the majority of the group headed down the South St. Vrain canyon to head back to the hotel. Several people cruised with Bob and me down the Peak-to-Peak highway back to the hotel. It’s a great twisty-turning road............great for driving Prowlers and the scenery was great as always. Saturday was hosted by Marc Scarbeary. We began the day by cruising to Mt. Evans, which is the highest road in America. You can see for miles and miles at the summit. There were mountain goats to greet us and beautiful scenery as far as the eye could see! From there, we cruised back down the mountain and headed for Golden Colorado for an annual car show. They had designated a parking lot for all of us and we enjoyed wandering the car show. After the show, people got together for dinner in town before heading back to the hotel. Sunday was hosted by Laddie Roussel. There were four different cruise routes planned. At registration, everyone selected the route they wanted to take. Marc led a group to the Royal Gorge. Laddie led a group to Colorado Springs to take the cog railway to the top of Pike’s Peak. Don Rosenbach led a group to Leadville to visit the casinos and some gambling! I led a group up to Fairplay, CO for some cruising and sightseeing. All cruises were to meet in Colorado Springs for a chuckwagon dinner and show at the Flying W Ranch. Unfortunately, this event was held during the time that several very large forest fires were raging through Colorado. It was sad to see so much of the beauty of the state being blackened by the fires. It was also heartbreaking to think of all the homes that were lost, not counting all the wildlife that perished. The largest fire, in the Lake George area, sent a huge black cloud over the whole Denver valley. It was very ominous and a very painful reminder of the fragility of the environment surrounding us. Monday morning a group of owners got together for breakfast at the hotel to reminisce about the fun we’d just had, the new friendships we made, the “old” friends we got to see again and to say our “goodbyes” until the next Prowler rally. We are truly lucky to be able to share a common passion for this wonderful car called Prowler. It has brought us all together, but the people and the good times are what keep us together. I hope you enjoyed the pictures and if you couldn’t make this trip, be sure to make the next one.................wherever it might be! See you next time!!!

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  Loaded and ready to head to Colorado to Prowl those Rockies!  
  Ready to be on our way!! Can't wait to hit those mountain roads! 
  Whoopee!!! We're on our way!!! Colorado or Bust!! (Oh, wait, that was Marc and John D! hehe)  
  John "GPS" Schulz caught up with us in Omaha to cruise with us the rest of the way to Colorado!  
  Bob is explaining to GPS John that....we don't need GPS.....I know the way with my eyes closed!"  
  Rest stop!!!  
  Lunch stop!  
  John Schulz GPSing his way through the wide open spaces!!  
  Finally here!! We stayed at the home of our friends, Dwayne and Carol Herman, up in Estes Park! 
  Dusk in Estes Park 
  Elk in Rocky Mountain National Park - Dwayne and Carol's backyard!!! 
  A trip to Bear lake before the event.  
  Bob Longstreth, Dwayne & Carol Herman and John Schulz enjoying the beauty of Bear Lake. 
  The beauty of Bear Lake. It would have been nicer if it had been a sunnier day, but we were glad it rained before the event and not during!  
  The Big Thompson River runs through Rocky Mountain National Park (RMNP).  
  Dwayne gave up his parking space for John and my cats!! Of course, he had two other garages to park in!! 
  Prime parking spots! 
  Rocky Mountains and Prowlers........equally as beautiful! 
  Arriving at the host hotel in Wesminster! 
  More arrivals!  
  and they keep coming.......  
  and coming........... 
  Litter boxes! 
  Jerry Scholten's "IScream" Prowler at the registration reception!  
  Registration Reception at the hotel the first night!  
  Marc Scarbeary's Purple Screamer!  
  Laddie Roussel's Patriotic Yellow Cat  
  Alex Leedham's Orange Cat  
  CJ's Candy Cat  
  Okay, I couldn't resist.......another one of CJ's Candy Cat!  
  Marc harassed CJ through the NHL hockey season, but the Red Wings kicked AVS!! Marc's consolation prize!!!  
  Marc was a good loser and a good sport ! Hehe! 
  Grouping everyone at the Buffalo Herd Overlook before heading up the Canyon.  
  People passing us on I-70 had never seen such a sight as 68 Prowlers in a row a mile long!  
  Cruisin' up the canyon!  
  Restroom break at the top of Berthoud Pass - 11,315 feet  
  Couldn't get them all in one picture!  
  One more!  
  Headed for Grand Lake and lunch!  
  On our way up the canyon!  
  Construction wait. The construction workers sure never saw anything like this before! 
  Top of Trail Ridge Road. The highest, continuous auto road in America at 12,183 feet elevation, Trail Ridge Road (U.S. 34).  
  Filling up the parking lot!  
  Literally like being in Prowler Heaven!! 
  Parking in the town of Estes Park.  
  Everyone parked in town to go shopping and find some dinner. 
  Our friends, Dwayne & Carol Herman opened their home to the Prowler owners for a Pie and Ice Cream Dessert Party! 
  Parking at the Dessert Party!  
  What a view!!!  
  Good thing Dwayne & Carol have a lot of parking space......... 
  .....and a very long driveway!!! 
  Ed Monahan putting on the rest of his pants as we stopped for gas on the way back to the hotel! 
  Heading for Mt. Evans on Saturday! 
  Judy Krehel at 14,264 feet, trying to take video and pictures of the Prowlers coming up Mt. Evans!  
  Was that Mike hollering to Judy, "Get back in this car!"? 
  Prowlers on top of Mt. Evans!  
  Prowlin' at the top!  
  What a view! 
  Mountain goats at home on Mt. Evans! 
  Enjoying the sunshine and the view! 
  King of the mountain!  
  Rocky Mountain Bighorn sheep  
  Prowlers at the car show in Golden, CO on Saturday.  
  Lots of Prowlers at the car show!! 
  CJ's Candy Cat at the car show!  
  Chromer and Jack the Wonder Dog at the Golden Car Show!  
  Sunday's cruise to Fairplay, CO and Colorado Springs  
  Cruisin' through South Park  
  Stopping for lunch at an old hotel in Fairplay, CO.  
  Rich Ware says, "This is obviously a very old hotel!!  
  Rich Ware getting a leg up on things! 
  I have no idea why we were doing this! LOL!  
  The fire clouds at Lake George.  
  The old buildings of Fairplay are now a museum and we gathered the Prowlers for a picture!  
  Group picture  
  Great picture  
  Great picture with the mountain views.  
  Prowler group.  
  Firecloud over Lake George.  
  Linda bought Rich this great shirt after driving up Trail Ridge Road and Mt. Evans. It says, "Real Men Don't Need Guard Rails"!  
  Jerry Scholten's "IScream" Prowler  
  Farewell breakfast on Monday morning. L-R, Kyle Kepple, Paul Rosenberg, Sandy (Monahan), Karen & Laddie Roussel, Tom & Susie Mills 
  Jerry Scholten and Ed Monahan at the farewell breakfast.  
  Saying goodbyes. Sandy (Monahan), Karen & Laddie Roussel, Tom & Susie Mills 
  Candy Cat above the Estes Park Valley  
  CJ and the Candy Cat at Estes Park  
  How can you not love the view..........and the Prowler!  
  Rocky Mountain National Park before a storm! 
  Longs Peak and Mt. Meeker  
  No words needed! 
  Endovalley area of the Park 
  The end of another wonderful trip to Colorado and another great Prowler rally! 
  Chromer and Jack The Wonder Dog enjoying their picnic lunch in Grand Lake, CO  
  Jack The Wonder Dog at the summit of Trail Ridge Road! Uhhh, you guys have a good hold on that leash, right? I don't want to be blown off of here! 
  Who's more or those mountains?  
  Jack checking out the view at the top of Mt. Evans.  
  He doesn't look like one of us!  
  Cruisin' through the Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs!  
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