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Deer Park Winery
Over 30 Prowlers at the BBQ

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  The meeting place at Burger King in Corona at 9:30AM 
  Finally, we got to see Randy's new Flames 
  Monte and Chaz Floyd, his son. I am in the reflection as always. 
  Arrived at Deer Park, Escondido, CA, at 10:30AM  
  BBQ time... 
  Todd and Monte 
  Thank you Ron and Marene for sponsoring the event. 
  And thank you Dawn for organized of the BBQ. 
  Larry, Dawn, and Monte...A deep conversation. Uh, Supercharge??? 
  The Wild Bunch!!! From left to right: Todd, Ophie, Susanna, Marcy, Dan, Peter, Monte's son, Chaz, and Monte. And Me??? Behind the camera, of course. 
  Sky is converting everyone to use chopsticks. This was after the BBQ in Westminster, CA. Also known as "LITTLE SAIGON" 
  Dan: Uh, Todd, what do you think? Todd: Nah, I will use my fingers instead. 
  The cats are knapping. (photo by Larry) 
  Cats in the alley. (photo by Larry) 
  Left side of the alley. (photo by Larry) 
  All the pretty Prowlers. (photo by Dawn) 
  Parking the Kats. (photo by Dawn) 
  Looking down the Kat alley. (photo by Dawn) 
  The Prowler Cake. (photo by Dawn) 
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