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Chrysler Nationals - Carlisle, Pa.
MOPAR Heaven on the East Coast, well over 20,000 cars attended this event. The POA had 20+ cars there in attendance. The three day event was meeting old and new KAT owners. Darcy held a cook-out on Friday for all, and Sat. a Drive-in movie (double feature)! This event seems to grow a little each year with Kats coming from Florida, Indiana, Ontario-Canada, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, Penn. WOW! Had a blast with all of you.
Vipersssssss - Wow!
Viper - Blue
WildCat's car with security!
Snake Alley!
Darcy's pipes
NJSilver's(George) Weekender slightly modified
300M - the original!
Joe Dirt's car - I think it's a car!
PAUL & SHIRLY BUCHKOVICH - Orange with custom top
Carol Silsby's Bad Ride
Bob Silsby's Paxton version
WillBill's Display "Area"
Darcy "I not going to add any more mods" Kline's car
Crazy George - Gold owner
Canadian buddies!!
NiteMan and Dave Mills Favorite Cars
Phil Genet's - Red with Trailer
My Ride
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