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Prowlin' around Newport, RI + Mansions Tour
Prowlin' around Newport + Mansion Tour was the most successful event ever for the New England Prowler Club. 15 Prowlers and 3 Vipers attended the event. We had beautiful weather for the event, sunny with temps near 80*F.

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  Prowler by the Sea (Ocean Drive) 
  Wayne's Mulholland 
  Steve's "SPL-T" Prowler  
  Steve's SPCL-T Prowler 
  Prowlers on American Cup Blvd 
  Breakers Mansion 
  RoseCliff Mansion 
  Sir Paul's (Beatles) Mansion 
  View From the back of the pack (Al) 
  Tony's 1999 Yellow 
  Brian "Spoons" & Michele 
  Gary & Joan's 2002 Candy 
  Wayne & Lorna's Mulholland 
  Rey & Kim 1999 Red 
  Joe & Betty 1997 Purple 
  Al's 2001 Orange 
  Greg & Janet 1999 Yellow 
  Earl and Bonnie 1999 Yellow 
  Jeff and Son 2001 Orange 
  Ike's 1999 Black 
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