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Farewell Party for the Last Prowler - The Conner Avenue Edition Prowler by CJ
On April 26, 2002, Team Prowler members and other dignitaries said farewell to the last Prowler, the Conner Avenue Edition. It was a historic moment in time and all who were able to be there agreed that there had never been a car like Prowler and never would be again. Prowler started as a twinkle in someone's eye and a passion in their heart. Nine years later, the Prowler remains as exciting as when the world got their first view of this unbelievable machine!!! All of the Team Prowler members were proud to be a part of creating this work of art and all of the Prowler owners should feel proud and lucky that we, also, have an amazing piece of automotive history. We will keep that spirit alive forever!!!!

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  The Conner Avenue Edition Prowler 
  Conner Avenue Edition Prowler - Hi-Voltage Blue Pearl Coat 
  The last Prowler and matching trailer! 
  The Last Prowler! 
  Blue grille! 
  The matching Prowler trailer! 
  Travelin' in style!  
  The perfect accessory! 
  Custom interior 
  Blue Cat interior 
  Another view! 
  One more view of the special interior! 
  The Conner Avenue Edition Prowler, trailer and the hood that was signed by the Prowler Team members, etc. 
  Pat McDonald of the Michigan Multiple Sclerosis Society, Coordinator for the Last Prowler Auction. 
  A special dessert for a special party!! Prowl On Baby!!! 
  Some of the signatures of the Team Prowler members! 
  Another view of the signatures. The hood will be on display. 
  Bob Longstreth signing the hood. Bob was part of Team Prowler and handled the dealer allocation for the Prowler program. 
  Bob Longstreth and the Last Prowler!  
  CJ was asked to sign the hood and was darn happy to do it! I signed it on behalf of the Prowler Owners Association!  
  This was definitely an honor!!! Very cool! 
  Bob and CJ's signatures!!!  
  CJ and the Last Prowler! Perfect fit!!! LOL! 
  Some signatures under the hood!!! 
  This is the copy of Plymouth Prowler...Anatomy of an American Roadster that everyone was asked to sign to be put in the Time Capsule!  
  CJ signs the book!!! Too cool!  
  These are some early samples of ideas for the Prowler logo! 
  Here are some early ideas for the hood badge!!! 
  This case is the Time Capsule and will hold all the unique things that are being donated. This Time Capsule will go to the winning bidder for the Conner Avenue Edition Prowler. What a lucky person!!! 
  This is just a small sample of things that will be put into the Time Capsule! 
  Team Prowler pose for the bookend picture for the Time Capsule and for the history books!! 
  The second half of Team Prowler. Unfortunately, not everyone that was on Team Prowler was able to make the party. 
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