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NE Viper & Prowler Rye Cruise
The New England Viper Club and Prowler Clubs joined forces against the weather on April 13, 2002. It looks like the old adage "It never rains on a Prowler Parade!!" was as true that day as it is today. These pictures were taken with a disposable camera....sorry!!

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  Earl and Bonnie Carter's Yellow Prowler!! 
  Steve Miller's SPCL-T. There aren't a lot of purples up here in New England so if you see one with the Devil's Heart on the back, give him a honk and a wave!! 
  A very nice Red Prowler too bad the sun wasn't out to really show off this color. 
  Got torque?? 
  Graphite, it's not just for pencils anymore. 
  ACR = fast 
  Here's a Blue GTS 
  And here's another!! 
  This puppy later did around 573HP and 733ft-lbs. at New England Dyno and Tuning!! 
  An early those pipes!!! 
  Tony has been known to take the Viper out every once in a while... 
  This was the only foreigner allowed. It was quite a conversation peice.  
  Set you diet staight, have a mean V8!! 
  Sorry about all the pictures, but this is the most expensive car I have ever been around !$$$! 
  The Z8 has a V8 
  I wish I had a panaramic camera... 
  Still wish I had that camera... 
  My girlfriend says that this is analogous to the bicep flex a body builder does when posing. 
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