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Balsam Street Car Show
Take a walk with me and see how a small town holds a car show. The walk will take you about a 1/4 mile!

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  Very nice! 
  Blown 55 Chevy 
  150 HP Blown Mustang 
  Studebaker Truck. The bed cover has a mirror on the bottom to show off the wood decking in the bed. 
  From a distance, I thought this was a Prangler. It is a 34 Chevy Phaeton. The engine compartment is as small as the Prowlers, but it has a 454 Chevy V8 in it!!! 
  The suspension geometry of the Prangler wannabe implies that with body roll, the wheels will bank into the turn like a motorcycle. 
  33 Ford Truck 
  This started from a 48 Chevy 2 door sedan!! Wow! 
  Which would you choose? 
  Nice 57 Chevy - still under construction! 
  If you like sedans, this one was real sweet! 
  This one had full roll cage and 870+ HP. Check out those rear tires!! 
  What is a car show without a live band? The band's name is Drivin' 395. 
  OH OH 
  It's OK, He's cool! 
  Nice coupe - check out those ghost flames! 
  Very clean 5 window coupe! (I think it's a 31) It's got the klaxon (ah-oo-ga horn) and the ever protective bra. 
  Beautiful 30 Ford Phaeton! 
  Outstanding (51 I think) Merc. Say, wasn't this guy in American Grafitti? 
  Blue dot tail lights and a wheel chair lift!! I guess you're never too old! Check out the neat coupe in the relection! 
  This one has a lot of miles on it, but it sounded real sweet. It is rare anymore to see a steel body like this. Check out dual turbo-chargers (only one visible). 
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