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Louisiana Middendorf's Cruise
Today, we had a nice little cruise. We arrived in Manchac, LA around 11:00 AM. There were five Prowlers, three PTs, one Viper & one Dakota lined up in front of Middendorf's. Judith (Taupe PT), Brandon & Stephanie (Red PT), Gwen, Vinnie & Roland (my sister, nephew & Dad) (Silver PT), Paul & Cheryl (Red Durango), Craig & Craig Jr. (Red Viper - 93 Viper with less than 10K miles & first Viper sold in Louisiana), David (Mulholland Blue Prowler), Fred & Triche (Mulholland Blue Prowler), Al & Darlene (Purple Prowler), Ken & Vickie (Red Prowler) & Laddie & Karen (Yellow Prowler). We had a delicious lunch & terrific company. After lunch, we hung around in the parking lot reminiscing & talking cars.... It really was a very nice time and I'm glad everyone took the time to come out... We started to say our good byes & when Ken was getting ready to leave he said - he & Vickie were going to head back to Baton Rouge via Gonzales & stop & see how Ronnie Fredreric (Black Prowler) was coming on his Packard Limousine Restoration. So, Al & Darlene, Paul & Cheryl, Karen & I decided to go along. Well, this turned out to be a super side trip. Ronnie is almost done on the restoration. He has completely rebuilt everything from the frame up. He has put a Viper V10 engine, Transmission, Viper Console & steering wheel into this Limo. He should be complete within two months. This limo came from the Wrigley family on Catalina Island off the California coast. In addition, he just picked up a couple of other cars that he is going to rebuild. A 1931 Ruxton (front wheel drive), 1921 Moon & 1955 300 Chrysler Hemi ... So, our little Middendorf's cruise ended up about 200 miles later back in Mandeville & one terrific day. I would like to thank everyone for coming out. Karen & I really enjoyed everyone's company. A special thanks to Ronnie & Dale for taking the time to show us around his shop & entertaining the drop ins... Here's some pics... laddie....

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  Craig & Craig Jr. 93 Viper 1st one sold in Louisiana 
  Durango & two PTs... 
  Vickie, Dave, Craig & Ken 
  Lunch at Middendorf's - Fred & Triche on right - Brandon & Stephanie on left 
  The other end of table... Vinnie & Karen on left - Gwen, Judith & Cheryl & Paul on right 
  Ronnie's Packard Limo restoration 
  The Viper V10 engine in Packard. Ronnie purchased a wrecked Viper with only 338 miles on it untitled from dealer. 
  28 ft long. You can see the Viper wheels on shelve & te running boards leaning up against wall... 
  Al, Ken, Laddie Prowlers & Paul's Durango in front of Ronnie's garage... 
  The rear view mirrors will be mounted on top of the spare tires. Boyd Caddington wheels... 
  1921 Moon...  
  1931 Ruxton. 
  1953 (I think) Chrysler 300 Hemi 
  Here's pic of Ronnie picking up the Wrigley's Packard Limo from Catalina Island three years ago... The engine had already been taking out and was not in the car. 
  Prowler Bumpers on the Prowler trailer. 
  Here's pic of bracket Ronnie made to attach bumpers to trailer 
  Rear of Packard. The luggage rack would look good rigged to a Prowler... 
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