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A Tour of Philadelphia- Prowler Style By (Trey B)
This page is my dedication the City of Brotherly love. Philadelphia!! I toured the city to show you a view from the Eyes of a man and his Prowler!!

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  Valley Forge Park PA- George Washington had his troops here while the British where taking over Philadelphia! Nice Tribute for the Prowler! 
  The park in the winter!! Nice view of the suburbs!! 
  Monument in VF park!! Which looks better the car or the historical site??? The Prowler!! 
  Picts of West River Drive! Nice Twisty's on your way to the city! Lots of people to see and the river!! 
  The back and a river view  
  Coming out of a tunnel! the Prowler on the Move 
  Me and the KAT!! 
  Ok how many people have seen Rocky?? Remember when he ran up the steps before the big fight!! Here it is!! The Phila Art musuem. To tell you the truth I think it looks cooler with a nice red car in front!! Your Thoughts?? 
  More Art museum picts! No we are not supposed to Park here! But even the cops, and all the vistors got a kick of seeing such a nice car so they let me pass!! 
  Art Museum Facing Center City!!! 
  The Kat in traffic can anyone say! Everyone else will watch you! 
  Clear shot of downtown phila off of Ben frankling parkway! That city hall in the Far back!!! See the sign Stop here on Red!! Perfect for a Red Prowler Baby!! 
  City Hall!! Broad Street side!! Back that Prowler up!! Nice Vanity Plate!! 
  City Hall! Market Street side!! This is one of the oldest buildings in Phila!  
  Oh is that Chrome wheels I see! Yes the Prowler is stock like that! Oh check out those Mopar Exhaust tips!! Thats a Prowler on there! Wow I could hear that guy Vrooming down the street!! 
  This is South Street! As must see in Philly! Get your Cheesesteaks and soft pretzels too! Don't forget Rita's water ice and the great shows at Penn's landing in the summer!! 
  This is Boat house Row right off 76 and west river drive! You gotta see this at night! The boat houses are lighted up across the river!! It's really nice!!! Lots of people jogging and hanging in the park in the summer!! 
  The Philly City Scape!! Let's not forget one of the most beautiful and unique cars ever built!! I hope you enjoyed my little tour of the city I know and love the most! Philly is a city that will Love you back!! If your ever in the Area NJ, Del MD, North East!! Hit me up!! See you on the Streets!!!! Trey B!! 
  The Man and His Prowler! I hope you enjoyed our Little Philly Tour Prowler Style!! 
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