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Hyperdrive Brake Install
Hyperdrive Brakes, Chrome Strut Install and Tips
Before begining I had a fellow Prowler owner do some finish polishing and painting of a cavity to enhance the look and hide dirt better.
The Struts, pretty???
Somewhat alltogether
After removeal, which is pretty straight foward by the great instructions supplied. Cleaning of the bearings.
Waiting for new,,
Polished finish. Looks better in person.
A neat trick. As the bolt head is faceing the wrong way for quick removeal and facing numerous bolts and nuts to remove strut assembly, we backed off the bolt some and cut it off with a saws all. I had another good friend and Prowler owner machine a new, shorter bolt with stainless steel caps to complete the look. The new bolt shank is still very high strength.
New brakes are approximate 1 1/2 inch larger in diameter.
A tip on fenders. The new calipers are bigger and cover the fender braces. They require you install the fender very soon after removeal of the old. But, if you cut the area marked, you can put your fenders on last. The piece we are cutting off is not used. We cut, smoothed and painted it to match.
With the fenders off we applied truck bed coating on the underside to prevent "star" dents on the fender from rocks being kicked up inside the tire well.
Also installed speed bleeders for ease later.
Begining of install.
Top strut bolt with stainless steel caps. We are lucky here in Nor Cal to have a person in Scott Curtis to pay attention to, and have the capitbilites to make these.
Should note that these are only seen on bumperless cats. No need to do so if the bumpers are going to remain on.
Showing the easy install of the pads, for future replacement is needed. I have the ceramic pads on these also.
Just take your tire off and wham, your there.
The keeper bolt install.
Lower strut bolt, with caps also.
Pretty??? next month, upper, lower A-arms, and knuckle all will be chromed. Also, Hyperdrive is making rear brakes also. Go on in Febuary.
Misc pics,, they were so pretty, I didn't want to put the wheel back on. :)
Before the hubcap, dont know why I didnt take a final, final pic. :) Anyway, hope you all enjoy.
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