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Cruisin the Coast - Oct. 3rd to 7th 2001
6th Annual Cruisin the Coast was a tremendous success, fun & one Super Great time --- Well, we had FANTASTIC time at the 6th Annual Cruisin the Coast. Over 4,000 registered cars at the Worlds largest Block party. Four days of nonstop live music & cruisin over the 25 miles of MS. Gulf Coast... Don't know total number of Prowlers & PTS that were there (either registered or just cruisin). But, there were a lot. I was able to count 21 Prowlers (17 of which I met the owners), six PT owners & two Street Rods & one Neon that cruised on & off with us. This was the largest gathering of Prowlers on the Gulf coast. My Vette buddies said they never have seen so many Prowlers before... This was the best Cruisin the Coast event to date. It may be the best event we've ever attended. It's was nice to hang around & meet some really nice people. We just had a terrific time.... Karen & I really enjoyed meeting & spending time with all the friends we have met (some for the first time). The time really flew by & we had some late nights.... We had a blast.... We need to get ready for next year.... Thanks for the good times - Jesse, Sally & Jason, Bobby & Stephanie, Ken & Carol, Al & Darlene, Jerry & Rachel, Billy & Nancy, Chuck & Bobby, Gwen, Vinnie & Courtney, Jay & Nancy, Pete & Kim, Ken & Vickie, Ronnie & Sharon, Billy, Ronnie & Dale, Ray & Gail, Dave & Janet.

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  Cruisin the Coast Registration site  
  Karen & Nancy Libbey 
  Ronnie & Sharon Kilgore's Teal PT with chrome illusion flames. 
  Ronnie K., Chuck T., Billy K. & Sharon K.  
  Dave Foshee's Mercury Woody. Dave also has a Prowler & has the fastest stock Prowler from Texas Speed weekend 14.87  
  Dave's Indian motorcyle behind Woody.  
  Ray Bartels, Al Guichet & Billy Libbey  
  Darlene Guichet & Gayle Bartels  
  Ken & Carol Carter  
  Jerry LeBlanc's radio-controlled PT heading to parade  
  Quite an engine cover...  
  Casino Magic, Bay St. Louis Jay Harris & Laddie Roussel's Kats  
  Friday morning lining up for Prowler & PT cruise in front of Grand Oasis, Gulfport.  
  Biloxi Point Cadet Cruise site. Bobby & Stephanie, Ken & Vickie, Sally, Ken & Carol, Jay & Nancy. 
  Biloxi Point Cadet.  
  Biloxi Point Cadet cruise site.  
  Laddie's Bayou Kat getting tech for the drags...  
  Ken & Laddie at the starting line for Cruisin the Coast Drags.  
  No Fear Camaro. This car was going about 70' with the front wheels off the ground.  
  Chuck Thurmond & Jerry LeBlanc at the starting line.  
  Dennis Gage from My Classic Car was there & MCing the Sunday awards. 
  Pete Howe's custom yellow & white PT.  
  Parking spaces were hard to find on Sunday.  
  Al Guichet's Custom painted Mopar Bra by Kal Smith.  
  Jesse Casey's Woodward.  
  Saying our Good Byes, Bobby Dixon, Jesse Casey, Ken & Carol Carter.  
  Jesse's Lil Woodward Go-cart & battery operated Prowler.  
  Bobby dixon's 37.  
  So long until next year...  
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