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River City Raceway Park, Texas
Race day has finally arrived. Texas and Louisiana POA enthusiasts racing in the hot Texas sun.We all had a great time despite the 102 degree heat.
All the cars were lined up in the pit.
From left to right - Laddie Roussel, wife Karen, daughter Michelle, Judy and Mike Krehel, Fred Henkel, Warren Kolar, Bryant and Paul Heinz.
A view from behind in the pit.
John Hennessey's new rig that carries 3 cars and even has a kitchen & shower.
Some of the cars lined up and ready to race waiting in the pit.
Fred and Warren
Fred, ready to race.
Laddie and Michelle
Paul ready to roll.
Warren making a wager with Fred (hey no betting!)
Mike checking tire pressure.
Judy before she makes her first run.
Mike and John Hennessey
Chris (webdude) and his Mustang.
Mike taking his hybrid supercharged / nitrous car for a record breaking run.
Going, going.........
Green means go!
A view down the track.
Chris didn't know this was just for Prowlers.
Mike didn't know either!
Hey, at least it's a Mopar!
Five hours went by too quickly! Mike and Chris have the cars loaded up and ready for the drive back to Houston.
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