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Northern California CHP Academy Tour, Brunch, and Cruise
March 16, 2002

Contributed by Phil & Jane Horvath

11 Prowlers with their drivers, spouses, friends, or arriving alone were treated to an amazing driving exhibition as the music from Top Gun was playing in the background. The precision was that of the Blue Angles in cars. From high speed driving touching bumper to bumper in two groups of 3 side by side, 165 MPH capable Camaro's performing 360's at 70+ MPH and completing them just before a tight left corner, to the Camaro's passing each other at 100+ MPH, this was a very impressive exhibition of the talent of the driving instructors from the CPH Academy. If you like the smell of rubber this was the place to be as the 6 vehicles went drifting around the 2 mile course, 4 Crown Vic's and 2 Camaro's. These instructors came, some with their family and friends, on their own time to put this exhibition on for us. A special thanks goes to Manny and Alice Padilla for arranging this special day, the driving instructors, and Warren who runs the CHP Academy. Next time you consider trying to outrun the CHP, one of these or a past instructor might be behind the wheel as they rotate every 4 years, your odds are not very good. Manny and Alice thank you again for arranging this day, the goodie bags, and the Prowler Artwork in front of the CHP Academy sign.

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  thm_CHP30204.gif Gary Myers and Jane Horvath in front of the CHP Academy Sign  
  thm_CHP30206.gif Wendell Chute and Shirley Roth drove through 2" of falling Snow to attend, you can see what is left of the snow  
  thm_CHP30208.gif Inside the campus the CHP Memorial of all the fallen officers since the organization began in 1929. The cadets polish the nameplates every Wednesday as a reminder this is not where they want their names to appear  
  thm_CHP30211.gif Our cars lined up in front of the viewing stands by the 2 mile high speed course  
  thm_CHP30212.gif With the Camaro's leading the cars following are touching bumpers at 65+ MPH  
  thm_CHP30213.gif The smoke in the background is what all the cars were doing at all the corners - drifting  
  thm_CHP30214.gif The Crown Vic's 70+ MPH bumper to bumper  
  thm_CHP30215.gif At the other end of this split the cars will swap position  
  thm_CHP30216.gif This is the other end and I still can't figure out how cars 1 and 2 got to be following  
  thm_CHP30217.gif The car is just starting a 360  
  thm_CHP30218.gif Another car halfway around doing his 360  
  thm_CHP30219.gif What you can't see is a Camaro heading the opposite direction at 100+ MPH  
  thm_CHP30220.gif A Camaro drifting one last time before ending his run lining up with his team to head as a group to the reviewing stand  
  thm_CHP30221.gif Here the cars are getting ready to head to the reviewing stand  
  thm_CHP30223.gif Group picture of us with the Driving Instructors and Academy Chief  
  thm_CHP30224.gif Roy Olcott and Bob Page checking out one of the Crown Vic's  
  thm_CHP30226.gif Here we are with a pursuit Camaro  
  thm_CHP30229.gif Linda Johnson with our Host Warren from the CHP Academy  
  thm_CHP30230.gif Shirley Phillips thinking this might be the way to travel  
  thm_CHP30231.gif Here is the staff that came in on their day off to entertain us - thanks again  
  thm_CHP30233.gif 1922 Hupmobile  
  thm_CHP30236.gif 1930 Ford Model "A"  
  thm_CHP30237.gif 1934 Harley Davidson  
  thm_CHP30239.gif Uniform of the past for the state police they were incorporated in the CHP in 1995  
  thm_CHP30241.gif Some restraints from the past  
  thm_CHP30242.gif Memorabilia from the CHiP's TV Show  
  thm_CHP30245.gif The group at Woody's alongside the Sacramento River  
  thm_CHP30246.gif Here we are ready to leave - where did that 500 SL come from