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Northern California Classic 50's Diner Brunch and Cruise
February 17, 2002

Contributed by Phil & Jane Horvath

Light sprinkles in the morning kept some of the folks away but we still were able to gather 8 Prowlers along with 3 others that came without their cars. Curtis & Kathy Blockhus, Jim Clayton, Scott & Charlotte Curtis, Jane & Phil Horvath, Gary & Judy Myers, Harry Sands, Kevin Watson, and Mike White all came with the Prowlers; John Davies, Roy Olcott, and Dan Pene came in other vehicles. We had a great Brunch and the weather wasn't that bad but most wanted to get home to watch the Datona 500 so we didn't Cruise on this one.

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  thm_ClasD02.gif Classic 50's Diner  
  thm_ClasD01.gif Curtis & Kathy's 1999 Black with TGF side panels and flames  
  thm_ClasD02a.gif Jane, Phil, Gary Myers, and the waitress  
  thm_ClasD02B.gif Jane & Phil's 01 Blue, Curtis & Kathy's 99 Black, and Gary & Judy's 99 Yellow  
  thm_ClasD03.gif Harry Sands 99 Yellow and Jim Clayton's 01 Orange  
  thm_ClasD04.gif Jane & Phil's 01 Blue with Roy Olcott  
  thm_ClasD05.gif Gary & Judy Myers 99 Yellow  
  thm_ClasD06.gif Scott Crutis new polished front brakes