Colorado 2002 - Prowlin' the Rockies

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  Buffalo Bypass - Morning Round-up 
  Buffalo Bypass Mornign Round-up 
  Mountain Road Work 
  Headin Out! 
  Rental Auto parts 
  Colorado Coney Island 
  Sunday at Royal Gorge 
  CJ & Bob near the top 
  Dean up in the mountains 
  Donny & Donna near the top 
  Great to see you guys!! 
  Silver near the top! 
  Who's in front of Marty? 
  Dave Ridge on Bandimere Drag Strip 
  Bridal Party at Golden Car Show 
  Berthoud Pass-Continental Divide 
  Following the Mills to Grand Lake 
  Jack the Wonder Dog on Mt. Evans 
  10 Floor view of parking lot 
  A look at a FIRE 
  Hot Dog Stand 
  Marty & Rebecca at Hot Dog Stand 
  Top of the world  
  Royal Gorge 1 
  Royal Gorge 2 
  Royal Gorge 7 
  Royal Gorge Bob & Colleen 
  Rocky Mountain Parking Lot 
  Flying W Ranch 1 
  Flying W Ranch 2 
  Flying W Ranch 3 
  Flying W Ranch 4 
  Flying W Ranch 5 
  Flying W Ranch 6 
  Dwayne & Carol's 1 
  Dwayne & Carol's 2 
  Dwayne & Carol's 3 
  Mount Evans 2 
  Mount Evans 7 
  Mount Evans 5 
  Mount Evans 4 
  There is a "Woodward" following us 
  Mount Evans 1 
  Mount Evans 3 
  Buffalo Hear Outlook 1 
  Bridal Party at Golden Car Show 02 
  Kats at Golden Car Show 01 
  Kats at Golden Car Show 02 
  Kats at Golden Car Show 03 
  Norm Waleke & Dean Prodromides at Golden Car Show 
  More pics at Flying W Ranch 01 
  More pics at Flying W Ranch 02 
  The Blackshirts