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Topic:Chip Foose Tour Sat 06/15/02
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T O P I C     R E V I E W
Howler CatHere are some pictures at Chip Fosse's!!!
Larry or anyone was at Chip's, please help me fill in the explanations for Chip's Toys because I was too busy taking these pics. Thanks








Howler CatCont...









Howler Cat14.


1954 Corvette

1969 Camaro


This message has been edited by Howler Cat on 06-15-2002 at 06:00 PM

CatwomanThanks for posting the pictures - looks like you guys had a great time. Sorry I missed it.
Originally posted by Howler Cat:
Here are some pictures, please help me fill in the explanations.


Explanation? OK, thats Lord at the end of the table,,,,,shoveling his and Julie's meal down. Lord buddy, watch the cholesterol levels


Call 911 - there is a Prowler in my garage....

Howler CatAC,

Larry is lucky because POA only let me post under 70k. If I post at 5.1 megapix, you can actually see what's Larry chowing down


Larry LordAC'
In my own defense, I must add that was a SALAD that I was chowing down on.

Thanks for posting the pictures.

(1) thru (4), some of the group at breakfast. Picture #4 from left to right show Peter Janes and his son Casey and Gary Empfield of Carlini Designs looking much better since his bout with cancer. Jerry and Irvette Smith are across the table from Gary with their backs to the camera.

(5) The man himself! What a humble and generous person he is. Please note the snacks and sodas that Chip providied for our group. Look close and you will also see many other items of interest. Hand renderings and sketches of future car, a custom lowrider bicycle, an 1930s BuddyL truck on the rear counter with a hand made 32 Ford highboy body sitting in the back of it, an engine mockup destined to be an end table in his office, the original plastic mold for one of the Foose Design Hot Wheels collection cars, the other car in the collection is the not yet finished "Hemisphere" which you can see the rear of on the rack in picture #6. This is Chip's personal car, started a few years ago but it keeps getting put on the back burner due to customer needs.

(6) Plastic model of the 37 Ford project in pictures 7 thru 10.

(7) thru (10) Completely hand formed steel body for the 37 Ford project car. Please note the cardboard windshield and roof rendering that when viewed from the left front, give a real size perspective view of the finished design.
In pictures #7 and #8 you can get an idea of just how beautiful and flowing the body lines are. Picture #9 shows the hood which is still being shaped. Notice that it overlays the cowl, side panel and radiator shell right now. The hood will all be shaped and finished in the next couple of weeks. Picture # 10 shows the braces required to hold everything together and shape of the grill opening.

(11) and (12) Mother's Wax PT Cruiser. Note the words on the engine cover (3.8L-V6) and the beautiful flame job designed and applied by Chip himself and the Foose Design Wheels. Thanks to Mother's Waxes for our bottles of wax while we were at the event. Also donated were bottles of wax to be used as door prizes at our Prowler SoCal Summer Picnic on July 28th.

(13) Concept to reality of another new car. The original color concept drawing, the scaled line art drawing and if you look close, the large line art drawing shows the roofline with the drivers head in place within the car. That full drawing has the complete driver in position inside the car. Many factors are scrutinized before the actual building of the car begins.

(14) The beginnings of the orange car. Chip explained that sometimes it is easier to begin with a fiberglass body of a car instead of starting completely from scratch. The fiberglass body is cut apart, completely reworked and redesigned to get a buck or real sized form for the new car to be shaped from metal. This fiberglass body is then discarded piece by piece as the newly redesigned body parts are hand formed from metal. Note that the frame is under the body mounted to a jig and that the left front spindle is already located in position before the body is even started. Look closely and through the radiator shell you will see a clay model on the table to the rear. Behind the car on the jig is another car that is nearing completion. We all thought it was perfect but Chip pointed out some details still needing attention. Some of us still couldn't see them!

(15) Jim and Judy Rogers winged warrior leading some of the cars parked across the street from the shop. We had 15 cars on the tour today.

(16)Funny story here. Chip says he never gets to keep the cars he buys because Chrissy his wife says there are just so many that he wants and they don't have the money or the room. Chip says he figured out an angle to buying this 1954 Corvette that he had always dreamed of owning. Chip bought this car for Chrissy on their anniversary. He thinks maybe now it will be able to stay.

(17) I didn't get the story on the Camaro but I will tell you that it is one nice car! Note the Foose Wheels and the Lakers license plate.

In my opinon, Chip Foose is the premier designer of cars working today. He has every right due to the demands on his time to be elite and distant but is a very genuine and personable guy that always takes the time to answer questions and help in any way he can.

We were treated to pictures with the ORIGINAL Prowler concept pictures drawn by Chip while he was a student at the Pasadena Art Center. The pictures were drawn in 1990.

Here's another little insight into Chip Foose,,
(1) While Roger Freeman and I were at Chip's shop about a month ago setting up this tour, Chip handed me a magazine with the Marriott prowler on the front page and told me to keep it when I said that I liked the flames on the car. While we were at his shop yesterday, Chip was talking about the Marriott car but said that he didn't have any pictures handy. I mentioned that he could just grab one of the magazines (which I assumed he had many) he told me that he had given me his very last copy when I was there the month before.
(2) When asked about purchasing a calendar for her husband Jerry's birthday. Irvette Smith was told that he only had 4 copies left. But that he would give her one, and also donate one to our SoCal picnic for a door prize. Chip the proceeded to sketch on and autograph both calendars.
(3) As I thanked Chip for inviting us into his shop for the tour and said goddbye, Chip asked that we not leave just yet. He wanted to be able to personally look at all of the cars and thank the owners for visiting before we left.

Wouldn't it be a great world if all people were as considerate and helpful as Chip Foose?

There's even more to the days events. As many of you may already know, Tony Carlini passed away a few weeks ago. Tony was a brilliant artist and metalworker. Tony has always been into designing, building and collecting cars. The Carlini collection is a ver7y special collection of cars that only an honored few were ever allowed to see. Since Tony's passing, many of his cars were sold to George Foreman and will be moved in the next few weeks. Gary Empfield allowed our group to take a short private tour of Tony's collection after we left Foose's shop. I can't tell you special and honored I felt while standing in the warehouse at looking at Tony's legacy. A Riddler Award winner built by Tony is the prize of the collection but my favorite had to be the black Studebaker built by Tony himself before he died.

There was a perfect 59 chevy Convertible, a 57 Chevy, a 62 Corvette, a Ferrari and many other perfect vehicles. Thank you Gary Empfield for allowing us to be part of Tony's dream for the time we were there. Pictures will be posted of Tony's collection soon.
Larry (Cruise Control) Lord

This message has been edited by Larry Lord on 06-16-2002 at 11:20 PM

Howler CatNo, Thank you Larry. Posting these pics is a piece of cake. The description is alot more work. Thanks a million Larry. Oh, by the way, and it's weird, "BINH" not BIHN...


Laddie RousselThanks Larry & group for great story & pics. Looks like one super time & very generous hosts with their time. Really makes you appreciate these moments in time...


C5 FrankI was in H.B. last week too. How was this put together? Was it open to all POA members? Too bad I missed out.

01 Prowler Silver (coolest)
99 Corvette Hardtop..Nassau Blue (fast)
94 Mustang Cobra..Red(faster)

Larry LordFrank,

Sorry we missed you last weekend.

The Chip Foose Design tour was one of the best I've ever organized. Seldom do most people get the chance to see cars built all the way through from concept to reality.
Chip was an excellent host and went out of his way to explain and even demonstrate all of the equipment in his shop. Truly an amazing place.

All of the events I organize for the Prowler group are open to anyone wishing to join us. You don't even need a Prowler to join in the fun. I love cars and have been involved with them all of my life. I enjoy helping others to share my love of the cars and I try to keep the events diversified and fresh. Join us any time you can!

youngen'Hey everyone, this is my very first post here. I know this is a very old thread but I would like some info. I am a very serious car enthusiast and im only 16. It is coming time to start thinking of what I want to do after high school. I am thinking scince I love cars and I love to sketch up modified and concept cars I would like to be an automotive designer. That is how I found this site. I heard of Chip Foose and saw some of his work on the project he dubbed as 'Grand Master' in the pages of Super Rod. That is one of the nicest cars ive ever seen. I decided to make a search and I found this website which took me to this paige. I am wondering scince it sounds like some of you have had contact with Mr. Foose, if there is anyway to contact Him so I can get further info into this line of work. Thank you for reading this.
ed monahanWhat an informative and interesting thread! Larry Lord, what is the plan for the fenders? I may have known about it at some point but I don't recall it, if I did know.
I sure wish I would have been there for that tour.
Larry LordEd, That's an old post but here's the story on my plan,

My fender project has been in the works for almost 5 years. The fenders will be hand formed aluminum and will incorporate the turn signals into the face. I've had the aluminum sheets for over 3 years and was trying very hard to have them on my car before the Crazy Horse event in 2000. We didn't get them done and I got pretty discouraged and fed up with the process. Maybe this time we can get them completed. I am planning a bolt-on fender kit for resale that will be easily put back to stock if the owner decides to sell his car without them on it.

Check the off-topic section for more information on my project.

I thought only the original poster could make a post in this section?

Larry (Cruise Control) Lord
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This message has been edited by Larry Lord on 02-05-2004 at 02:59 PM

ed monahanLarry, thanks for the info. I posted to it not realizing it was in the upcoming events. This thread was started before that rule went into effect, I guess. I got on this thread thru the link and did not pay attention to where it started.

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