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Forum:Off Topic Discussion
Topic:Total Eclipse
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T O P I C     R E V I E W

Evansville, Indiana was a focal point today as we had 4 minutes of complete darkness at 2 pm. This photo was taken on my patio. The birds quit singing and it became deafening quite. The temperature dropped an amazing 8 degrees in those short moments. We had over 100,000 visitors from all over. Two of our largest truck stops...Flying J and Love's ran out of fuel. Just an unforgettable experience,
padrooWe didn't have quite a total here in NW Indiana so I thought I would take a picture at it's peak. Even though it looked dark through a welding hood glass the picture came out looking like any other sunny day. The last time I experienced a total eclipse was when I was in the Marine Corps back on March 7th 1970. I won't be around for the next one. LOL

I heard there were big crowds down your way Bruce.

This message has been edited by padroo on 04-08-2024 at 05:10 PM

ed monahanWe went to the old Fernald nuclear plant near Harrison, OH. It was total there for 2 or 3 minutes. There was a corona visible all the way around it. Picture doesnít do it justice.
ed monahan
padrooThat's the way my picture looked like ed. Maybe a filter on the camera would help..
ed monahanI will try to remember that for the next one. lol The sun was totally blocked but had the halo effect around the moon's shadow. Even at the 98 or 99 percent blockage, it was fairly bright out. It took totality to see it, really.

I tried taking pictures with my phone through the eclipse glasses

Didnít come out very well

It was bright then when the moon covered sun it was like a light switch turned off

Then once a sliver started to show lights switched back on

This picture was taken in that 3 minutes, not total darkness but definitely strange

Did see 2 planets also

Larry Mayes

TLRandallWe were in the 99% range of totality and only for 34 seconds, so it never got completely dark.

BeWareWe were at the 80 to 85% range. It was still pretty bright outside. Itís raining today and with the rain clouds itís about the same brightness as at the peak of the eclipse.

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